Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Trenton resident raising money for planned movie to be filmed in city

TRENTON -- Daryl Brooks, a community organizer and sometimes political candidate, has a new venture, movie making.
Brooks is producing a political thriller he helped write, "Enhanced Interrogation," which he said addresses the current issues of terrorism and torture in America. He hopes to shoot the movie in Trenton and is currently raising money, he said.
Also producing the film is screenwriter Stephen Martino, of Bloch Wall Productions.
Director Terry R. Wickham, of Manta Ray Pictures, is set to direct.
The film is about a foreign-born terrorist who finds herself legally on American soil, preparing a terrorist attack.
The FBI uncovers the plot, but does not know how, where, or by whom the attack will take place. When standard interrogation methods fail, the decision is left to the president of the United States whether to utilize Abu Ghraib-type torture techniques to obtain the information, Brooks and Martino say.
"Daryl Brooks and Stephen Martino have constructed a controversial story that is incredibly topical in our modern-day society, and asks the potent question of 'what if' our country was put in a pressure-cooker situation of the moral dilemma this story raises?," Wickham said.

Even though he suspects the movie will provoke debate, Brooks wants to make the film in Trenton because he wants to do something positive for the city by bringing excitement and business opportunities here.
n addition to asking for support from Trenton's local businesses, Brooks said, "I wanted to wake people up and to make them think about terrorism and torture in America."
Set to act are actors from Trenton such as Lance Lopez Sr., Dewane Parker, Nacone Martin, Carter Patterson, and Raina Williamson.
"In the end, we're very pleased that really talented actors in the city embraced the script and signed up for the film," states Martino.
Parker, said given his background as an experienced actor, author, and FBI agent, he was curious about the script and cannot wait to start filming.
The producers have two online fundraising pages set up, on GoFundMe 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fundraiser For Martin Luther King Jr. SCLC Is Coming To Trenton, NJ

Daryl Mikell Brooks
My friends, America is a troubled place and we have all seen too many dreams fade away. We have millions who are impoverished, millions in prisons, and millions more without access to a quality education. We live in a nation where not one, but both of the leading parties - yes Democrats and Republicans - have abandoned those who need them the most in order to guarantee the privilege of those who line their pockets. But there is one thing they have forgotten; there is one thing that they have underestimated. They have forgotten that it is precisely those who struggle, who built this country, and it is the poor the oppressed, and the neglected who will fight to make it great.

As the Future President of the Trenton, NJ SCLC, I have joined people of faith in Trenton, New Jersey and all across this country in taking up the banner of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To say that we must not let dreams of a better world remain dreams. We must fight to make those dreams a reality. We must always pray with our hearts, but we must also pray with our hands for a where equality, opportunity, peace and justice are not just nice words at campaign time but the lived experience of every generation.

And what kind of prayer will that be? It will be a prayer to reform a criminal justice system that continues to indict the color of skin. It will be a prayer that begs that all people are to be treated with the dignity they deserve, that they will have access to health care. It will be a prayer that seeks to squash poverty, to fight for better schools, we that protects all God's children. It is a prayer to preserve this creation that God has so blessed us with and to restore suburb, city, and country. It will be a prayer that ends senseless violence in our communities.

My dear citizens, it will always be dangerous to raise our voice as the citizens of old once did. We will always be in danger for attempting to right wrongs, but I must ask: if not now, then when? If not us, then who? The time has come for a new voice, one that places peace and justice at the very heart of its ideology. The time has come to admit that the party we have supported for so long has taken us for granted. It is time now for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

The Issues 1.Non Violence Education 2.Voter Empowerment 3.Justice System Reform 4. Education Reform 5. Direct Action 6. Fair Employment Practices 7. Occupational Justice and more to come..

Support We need $3,000 to kick of this new chapter that will bring a new christian light to the city and state of New Jersey . So we are asking for your support for this new chapter that will start in February.

                                                 Board Member/Marcus Johnson

Daryl Mikell Brooks and George Davis

Thursday, August 21, 2014

She Makes by Jaye: Lightweight, eco-friendly delicate handmade earrings

Welcome to my website shop! I was looking for a hobby, something I can do as a creative outlet and decided to paint....BIG FAIL. I then decided to try jewelry making using lightweight bio-degradable materials. So I chose a lightweight, eco-friendly delicate handmade earrings made with textured materials, sat on my floor and started making earrings and realized how much I enjoyed it. I then gave them away to friends and family who encouraged me to take it a step further and sell them. Thus my journey to She Makes by Jaye.

All earrings are handmade with the idea of boho chic, eclectic and earthy look. Some of my favorites are made with inspirational messages on them.

As a newbie, I will strive to continue to improve always. Please enjoy my website shop.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Is Non-violence Good for Trenton High School?

Daryl Brooks

Trenton. N.J.—Daryl Brooks is a native of Trenton, N.J., and has been engaged in the community for over a decade as an activist. Brooks desires for his city to implement and embrace non-violent teachings. He is convinced that the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Jr., can help change the culture of violence in the city.
Trenton, the capital city of New Jersey, is known for its famous pork roll and violence. Lately, the city has experienced multiple homicides.  According to the local newspaper, The Trentonian, police officers were called to the home of Florence Grayson, 54, who had suffered several stab wounds to her body. In a separate incident, Benjamin DaVilla Jr., 23, was murdered in a drive-by shooting. And recently, James Turner, 18, was shot in the head and died on the scene. All fatalities occurred in October 2012.
Brooks believes the younger generation is surrounded by a culture of violence. “They see violence in the street and they see war. Violence is a major part of their lives,” lamented Brooks. Brooks believes the youth’s immediate access to violent content via smartphones, and other handheld devices, can be a contributing factor in perpetuating the culture of violence.
He might have a point, according to Albert Bandura, Jordan Professor (Emeritus) of Social Sciences in Psychology at Stanford University. The American Psychological Association posted an article citing Bandura’s research on their website. “Later research has shown that viewing violent acts on TV and in the movies affects people in other negative ways,” suggests the research. Also, Bandura’s research reveals that the effects manifests in ways such as:
-Decreasing viewers’ concern about victims’ suffering.
-Decreasing viewers’ sensitivity to violent acts.
- Increasing the likelihood that viewers will emulate the aggressive acts depicted in the show   or movie. Young children are especially vulnerable to the effects of observed violence.
Bandura’s analysis can be observed at Trenton Central High School High. While waiting in the main office to speak to vice principal Penny Brit, administrators and security were summoned to the third floor to break up a fight.
Brit is no pushover. She demands excellence and does not make excuses for her students when they make bad decisions. However, despite the students’ violent reputation and low graduation rate she has hope. “I am for these students,” says Brit.
She also lives in the reality that violence is a major problem for the neighborhood and the school. She is trying to combat the problem with non-violent strategies, mostly enforced by the state’s Anti-Bullying initiative. This month is Anti-Bullying month and they’re using this opportunity to confront these social ills with an event called “Winter Meet and Greet.”
Brits understanding of the violence at Trenton High is the same as Brooks. Brit attributes the violence to lack of social skills. She believes this program will equip students with practical skills to handle aggression. “Our students need it in the worse way. I see the way our students communicate on a daily basis. They don’t have enough opportunities to practice appropriate communication with each other that doesn’t involve violence and suspicion,” said Britt.
However, Brooks doesn’t like anti-bullying programs. He thinks they’re limited in scope. “They aren’t giving teenagers the skill to deal with aggression. When there is an act of violence, to whom do they send the teenagers? “Disciplinarians,” Brooks said. He continues, “the tradition of non-violence teachings would equip the students to think critically in a time of crisis. Potentially, the teachings can help keep the violator’s and the violated both from harming each other. “
According to Brit, they are also taking an initiative to build a relationship between the school and parents.  The PTA has just received funding to partner with parents in diffusing anger in the home. Brit says she welcomes any program that is catered to helping the students and community.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nun gets nearly 3 years in prison for nuke protest

An 84-year-old nun was sentenced Tuesday to nearly three years in prison for breaking into a nuclear weapons complex and defacing a bunker holding bomb-grade uranium, a demonstration that exposed serious security flaws at the Tennessee plant....
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Reported by Powell Gammill

Ex-Soldier Convicted of Killing Iraqi Family Dies

02-18-2014 AP

A former soldier convicted in 2009 of raping and killing a teenage Iraqi girl and using a shotgun to gun down her family died in an Arizona prison over the weekend in what officials suspect was a suicide....
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North Korea Abuses Human Rights: Tell Us Something We Don't Already Know

02-19-2014 http://www.huffingtonpost.com, Ivan Eland
Yet public criticism of its human rights record by international bodies, such as the United Nations, and individual states, such as the Unite States, usually causes North Korea to deny it, then fume, and then continue or escalate the abusive practices just to spite the international community.
And Kim Jong-un, the young ruler of North Korea, may be even more ruthless and erratic than his despotic father, Kim Jong-il, and grandfather, Kim Il-sung. Yet the almost 65-year U.S.-led effort to isolate this regime has failed--as also has the 55-year attempt to do the same with the Castro brothers in Cuba. In both cases, isn't it time to try alternatives to these "isolationist" policies?
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