Thursday, August 7, 2008

Exlusive One-on-One Interview with Independent Senate Candidate Daryl Brooks

by: Stan Gendlin | August 07

10,000 Children Locked Up and Counting.

I had a chance to interview Daryl Brooks, Independent Senate Candidate and advocate for conservative principles to be brought into inner cities:

“Democrats have been in control of these urban areas for decades, now we have 10,000 kids locked up, these urban areas are still poor, and the liberal ideas have clearly failed.”

That is correct Daryl, liberals keep impoverished people poor, so they become dependent on government programs, continue to vote Democrat, and they get to reap the benefits by staying in power. What a great of despair and dependency Democrats have developed in these inner cities.

Now with liberal programs clearly failing in every urban city in New Jersey, I asked why hasn’t the conservative movement come in then?

“The Republican Party has not tried to get their attention, because Republicans don’t know how to get their message into these inner cities. African community supports Democrats because no one is trying to get their support.”

You hear that Republicans, and more importantly Conservatives, get your message into these areas. Encourage small business to develop in this area, create jobs so people don’t have to rely on crime to make money.

“The hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured in for years to fund these liberal programs and they have been utter failures. We have 40-50% drop out rates and we have 12 year old kids hanging out on the corner at midnight. Our programs in schools are all based on athletics, giving these kids hope they can all turn out like Allen Iverson. But we need more faith-based programs. We need real education programs to tell these kids they can be lawyers, engineers, doctors, architects, and governors.”

I absolutely agree here, with the conditions in these inner cities not getting much better under liberal leadership we are letting an entire generation of kids pass by and many will end up in jail or dead. As Daryl stated, pouring more money into these towns isn’t going to solve problems with dead beat politicians who are out for themselves.

“We have preachers and leaders that have no accountability. You have people going to Church on Sunday morning being told everything is going to be alright, then Monday comes and there is drugs being sold right in front of these same churches.”

It does seem these inner cities have been abandoned by the larger conservative movement in the state. It is sad to see an entire generation of kids end up like this. I hope more leaders in the inner cities rise up like Daryl and bring this real message of “Change” to mainstream America. Not the message of “More of the Same” from Barack Obama; of more taxes, more failed government programs, and more dependency on the system and not in yourself.
Brooks For U.S. Senate
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