Thursday, March 12, 2009

Governor’s Budget Means Higher Taxes for New Jersey- Again!

Despite having the worst tax climate in the nation, New Jersey still faces a massive budget deficit. Now the Governor is scratching his head as to how to make ends meet. And he is trying to force you, the taxpayer, to foot the bill. He is raising taxes again!
Under the proposed 2010 budget, Governor Corzine will:

Raise taxes on businesses, the state's upper income job producers, and anyone buying cigarettes, wine, or liquor
Eliminate income-tax deductions for property taxes paid, increasing income taxes for homeowners
Increase the payroll tax to prop up the dwindling unemployment-insurance fund

That will mean higher taxes once again in NJ including:

$380 million raise in income taxes
$80 million in increased business taxes
$48 million tax hike on cigarettes, alcohol and wine
$30 million in increased motor vehicle fees

After years of increasing taxes and state spending- New Jersey has had enough.
The Governor said he has cut spending in this budget- but it’s not nearly enough-- Call Governor Corzine today and urge him to cut spending even further. We simply can no longer afford the highest taxes in our nation.
You and I want New Jersey to be prosperous once again- If Governor Corzine wants New Jersey back on its feet he cannot raise taxes to keep government’s spending high.
All of us are being prudent during these times, and Governor Corzine should be too!


Governor Corzine has begun cutting spending from the budget, but we urgently need to cut more- NJ cannot afford to fund unnecessary programs paid for by hardworking taxpayers
New Jersey is slated to receive funds from the federal stimulus bill, which is simply future tax dollars printed in today’s money. Not even this money will prevent the Governor from increasing our taxes!
Less Spending, not Higher Taxes is the Answer-- Taxes hurt economic activity, period.
Call Governor Corzine today and urge him to cut spending even further!

Join AFP-NJ’s Effort to Protect Property Rights…..

New Jersey has done nothing to curb government abuse of Eminent Domain. In New Jersey, government bureaucrats can confiscate the property of those serving our country in the military, even while they are overseas defending our freedom.
Assembly Bill 3559 would protect the property owned by military personnel and first responders from condemnation. New Jersey property owners who are in the midst of dedicating service to their country through participation in military actions or by responding to disasters and emergencies should not be placed at risk of losing their property to condemnation.
Please call Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts today and request that A3559 be scheduled for a hearing.
District Office (856) 742-7600
Majority Office (609) 292-7065
Our service men and women our counting on you, they don’t let us down-- we cannot let them down.
Click here to read the full text of A3559.
Click here to listen to an important message from Senator Steven Oroho.

New Jersey to Battle COAH Mandates
AFP-NJ announces our voter education initiative, beginning in March, focused on combating the state’s Council on Affordable Housing (COAH). COAH’s heavy handed social engineering mandates that 100,000 low income housing units be forced into towns across our state causing increased crime, overcrowding schools, high density housing and lowered property values. These negative effects will eventually lead to increased property taxes on top of those already paid by New Jersey homeowners.
COAH spotlights the damaging legacy of an activist Supreme Court in New Jersey. We see the reappointment of two justices during 2009/2010 as an opportunity to end the court’s activism and allow the free market to determine the state’s housing need.
The battle against COAH will spread throughout the state with citizen education, petitions, and presentations to local organizations. Please visit the AFP New Jersey website to find a taxpayer seminar near you.

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