Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charie Rose: Inauguration coverage

Coverage of the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama with Barton Gellman, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Al Hunt, Tom Friedman, Vernon Jordan and Jon Meacham

Obama Says Chief Justice John Roberts Not to Blame for Flubbed Oath of Office

Barack Obama’s botched Oath of Office
President Barack Obama says it is not Chief Justice John Robert’s fault.

President Obama isn’t blaming Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts for slipping up as he recited the president oath of office during Tuesday’s inauguration ceremony.

Obama said Roberts actually helped him as he gave the oath, and that he was grateful.

“We’re up there, we’ve got a lot of stuff on our mind, and he actually helped me out on a couple of stanzas there,” Obama told ABC News backstage at the “Neighborhood Ball.”

“So overall, I think it went relatively smoothly and I’m very grateful to him.”

Various media and blogs have blamed either Roberts or Obama for the flub. Transcripts suggest that Obama broke in earlier than Roberts expected in repeating the oath, and that this may have thrown the chief justice off. He then put the word “faithfully” at the end of the phrase “I will execute the office of the United States” instead of at the front of that phrase.

Video Essay: 'The Moment' of Presidency

The Associated Press gives a look at how people are reacting the moment power of the Presidency is exchanged from George W. Bush to Barack Obama. (Jan. 20)

Inauguration Electricity Translates To Political Ownership

Everyone in Washington this week can tell you of the electricity in the air.

It's hard to ignore. From the celebrities at the various events around town to the swell of people flooding the nation's capital, it's not hard to point out that the level of anticipation is great.

Most, however, can't tell you why the level is so high.

If you ask most throughout the country, they will tell you that the excitement is due to the message of hope. Although that may be true to an extent, what is more relevant is the reality of ownership.

President Barack Obama symbolizes a resurgence of Americans feeling a sense of ownership in the political process. After a decade of political mistrust, threats of terrorism, and economic instability, the ray of hope that Mr. Obama brings to Washington is the renewed connection between an American leader and the people that he represents. ...

With this sense of ownership, the increase in energy can be geared toward the huge amount of work that Americans have ahead to better our urban areas, our economy, and schools. Obama has warned of America being at risk of losing its "competitive edge" without a redirection of priorities and results.

It's my hope that the Obama Phenomenon will lead to us competing to bring about the best in ourselves.

Hopefully, taking ownership will translate into us taking action.

Hopefully, taking pride will translate into taking stock in others.

Hopefully, taking a moment to acknowledge history will translate into us taking this chance to make history.

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