Monday, August 24, 2009

Jackson 'had lethal drug levels'

Pop star Michael Jackson had lethal levels of the powerful anaesthetic propofol in his body when he died, US media report.

The findings of coroners' tests were revealed when a search warrant affidavit was unsealed in Houston.

The singer died on 25 June at the age of 50 after suffering a cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles.

Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray has been interviewed twice by police but has not been named as an official suspect.

According to the search warrant, Dr Murray told police he had been giving the singer propofol as part of his treatment for insomnia.

But, he said he had been concerned Jackson was becoming addicted to the drug and had begun to lower the dosage.

On the morning of the singer's death, Dr Conrad is reported to have given Jackson a lower dosage of propofol after a number of other drugs had not worked.

He left the star alone to make some telephone calls and when he returned Jackson was not breathing, the LA Times reports.

Dr Conrad is known to have performed CPR on his patient while the paramedics were called, but Jackson was declared dead when he arrived at hospital.

The Cotton Pickin Truth... Still on the Plantation Trailer

Trailer for upcoming documentary detailing modern day slavery in the United States of America.

Medgar Evers School is Rare Inner City Success Story

Medgar Evers College Prep in Brooklyn, New York

By Martin Phillips
Brooklyn, New York

President Obama has long maintained that education has to be one of the country's top priorities. He reiterated that theme during a recent speech to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a civil rights organization for ethnic minorities in the United States. Obama told the gathering that the United States was falling behind the rest of the world and urged educators to look at some public schools that were succeeding against enormous odds. He mentioned one school in particular, Medgar Evers College Prep, named after the slain civil rights leader.

This is Medgar Evers College Prep in Brooklyn, New York. It is an inner city public school that serves around 900 largely poor, African-American children. The principal is Michael Wiltshire.

"Poverty is not an excuse. And not having enough resources is an excuse. The thing is that education is the only thing that is going to liberate our students from the economic deprivation that they are in," he said.

A "No excuses" emphasis on academics is the unofficial policy of this school. All the younger students are required to attend summer school in language and sciences every year, not because they are behind, but rather to get ahead.

This is a 9th grade class in physics. Osman Abugana is the physics teacher.

"By the time they come back in September they're going to be way ahead of everybody else because of this Summer class," he explained.

The school takes even younger students. Teaching them high-school languages and sciences too. These 8th graders study eleventh grade physics.

A student works on physics problem at Medgar Evers College Prep
"These are not special, gifted kids. These are regular students," added Principal Wiltshire.

STUDENT KAEYLA KERR: "I want to become a pediatric surgeon. And this school offers the courses that can help me with that in college."

Most are committed to science, but not all.

STUDENT KHEM PLAT: "I want to be a politician."

PRINCIPAL WILTSHIRE: "They rise to high expectations. You set the bar high and you give them the support to get over the bar."
Principal Michael Wiltshire

Very little escapes Wiltshire's attention. This day during class, he watched and then questioned a boy about what he was studying. After class was over, he called over the teacher, telling him to contact the boy's parents.

"I was not pleased with that student because he had not completed the problem that the teacher had put on the board," he said. "And, it is imperative that all students do everything that has been taught to them or they have been told to do in class."

And the results are impressive.

"What has happened over the past eight years, our graduation rate has moved from 60 percent to 93 percent," he noted.

Still, the entire school was surprised when President Obama told the NAACP it should take note of Medgar Evers Prep.

OBAMA AT NAACP CONVENTION: "We also have to explore innovative approaches, [innovations like] Bard High School Early Collegian, Medgar Evers College Preparatory School that are challenging students to complete high school and earn a pre-Associates Degree or college credit in just four years."

STUDENT JOSETTE GUTHIE: "It was amazing to know that me, Josette Guthie, just an ordinary girl from Brooklyn, I go to such a wonderful school that the President knows about and acknowledges."

PRINCIPAL WILTSHIRE: "It's really not about how much money you have. It's how you can spend the money that you have. How creative are you, in terms of creating the kind of programs that will benefit the students [most]."

But will this school be able to continue to turn out high-quality graduates in this time of cutbacks and economic crisis? That remains the question.

Today's News NJ Supports Jesse O. Kurtz For Mayor Of Atlantic City NJ

He can use your help.

Jesse, is running for Mayor in Atlantic City, NJ. City government is blatantly corrupt. The ever-increasing taxes are forcing lifelong residents to leave town. Atlantic City's world famous Boardwalk is crumbling. Citizens are treated unfairly and unjustly.

As Mayor,
He will cut taxes by reducing spending
Fight corruption by implementing transparency
Improve infrastructure by addressing areas that flood, streets in need of re-pavement, and our crumbling Boardwalk
Promote equality and justice through equal enforcement of the law, equal access to city services, and equal opportunity for government employment.

Can you contribute $10, $5, or whatever you can to enable him to clean up Atlantic City?

He needs to raise between $58,000 and $200,000 to win in November. He refuse to give out kick-back contracts and jobs. That is why I am coming to you, rather than the usual firms who contribute thousands of dollars to further the culture of corruption in Atlantic City.

Can you contribute $10, $5, or whatever you can to enable me to clean up Atlantic City? You can mail checks to

Kurtz for Mayor
P.O. Box 704
Atlantic City, NJ 08404

Or go to the side and click on his picture.

Laus Deo,
Jesse O. Kurtz

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Where’s Gordon Brown in the Libyan desert storm?

Gordon Brown (the ugly one on the left) congratulates Colonel Gaddafi, thinking he is Sarah Boyle, winner of Britain's Got Talent

Over the past three days, as the Lockerbie ‘terrorist’ release turns into a full-blown international incident, we have heard not one word, or even a Twitter, from the man who saved the wurreld (and its banks). This is highly unusual; Gordon and his wife Sarah Twittered from Inverkilliecrankie, or wherever they are on holiday, catching crabs and burying each other in the sand, when the ungrateful Evil Empire dissed the NHS. This time it’s serious. Somebody gave Gordon’s independent-minded fellow Jocks a pass to give Abdulbasset al-Megrahi, the only person convicted for the Lockerbie bombing, a get out of gaol free card on the spurious pretext that he had less than three months to live.

Let’s leave aside the mountain of evidence that al Megrahi and Libya probably didn’t do it. He was threatening to appeal, a process which would have certainly opened the UK and US to wide and embarrassing scrutiny of their highly circumstantial fingering of Libya, then THE axis of the axis of evil, now everybody’s best friend and a bulwark against terror. Blame switched from Syria, the HQ of the PFLP- GQ terrorist cell allegedly paid by Iran to carry out the bombing as revenge for the downing of Iran Air Flight 655 six months earlier (1988) by the USS Vincennes, killing 290 civilians when Syria joined the Bush 1 and Thatcher ‘Coalition of the Willing’ in the first Gulf War. Let’s ignore Scottish due process which dictates that a terminally ill prisoner should be released on compassionate grounds to die in dignity. Let’s ignore the oft-repeated fact that post-devolution, Scotland makes its own decisions in law. Let’s try and pretend that Britain isn’t the 51st US state, even if the antics of the past few years have understandably left the opposite impression.

Let’s try and focus on the facts. Last Friday UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband furiously demanded that BBC news presenter John Humphrys retract the ’slur’ that the FCO had anything to do with it. Today’s Sunday Times revealed that Ivan Lewis, UK Foreign Minister responsible for Libya, ‘is said to have written to the Scottish government, encouraging officials to send home’ al-Megrahi. Ten days ago ‘Lord’ Peter Mandelson, Business Secretary and de facto ruler of Great Britain, admitted discussing the subject a couple of weeks ago with Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif at the Rothschild villa in Corfu. Today, after a mysterious prostate operation (in sympathy with al Megrahi or the result of some other sort of probe?) Mandelson broke his own uncharacteristic silence to declare it ‘offensive to claim’ that this meeting was connected to the release of the Libyan or to trade deals, despite the fact that Saif-al-Islam Gaddafi had emphatically declared the opposite. Colonel Gaddafi, meanwhile, has effusively thanked just about everybody in the UK:

“To my friends in Scotland, the Scottish National Party, and Scottish prime minister, and the foreign secretary, I praise their courage for having proved their independence in decision making despite the unacceptable and unreasonable measures that they faced. Nevertheless they took this courageously right and humanitarian decision.” And I say to my friend Brown, the Prime Minister of Britain, his Government, the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth, and Prince Andrew, who all contributed to encouraging the Scottish Government to take this historic and courageous decision, despite the obstacles.” (Reuters).

Sarkozy is pissed off because he thought he was welcoming Michael Jackson to the G20 Summit. All Gaddafi had to offer was unlimited supplies of oil, gas and cash, though he performed a passable moonwalk.

Barack Obama came slowly out of the traps to declare the decision ‘highly objectionable.’ Despite the fact that the release of al Megrahi was ‘on the agenda at every meeting between Blair and Libyan officials’ it was highly OK for St Tony to broker a return of Libya to the international coalition of the hypocrites in 2004 when we realised we were running out of oil and there was rather a lot of it there, not to mention a strongman capable of bullying the bejasus out of many of the the other whackjobs in Africa, especially Sudan, and Mahgreb Middle East. Despite the fact that we knew more than a week before it happened that this release was on the cards, FBI Head, Robert Mueller, sent a hissy letter expressing outrage and astonishment to Kenny MacAskill, Scottish Justice Minister, clearly intended for public consumption (printed in full in The Times). Various neocons (and David Cameron) have postured their horror at the release of this convicted terrorist and outrage at his hero’s welcome in Tripoli as though this was a bolt from the blue.

Exclusive: what they found when they operated on Mandy's prostate - a banana AND a Miliband.
Those are the facts. Here’s some outrageous speculation. Gordon Brown desperately needs sovereign funds. Mandelson told him that this was a small step to take and that nobody would bother once the dust had settled, and anyway, his new friend (and UK homeowner) Gaddafi jr had assured him the return of al Megrahi would pass off quietly. Scotland, an oil and gas economy, was promised lucrative oil supply contracts and plentiful exports of Dundee rock, Irn Bru, tartan and sporrans. The US agreed to turn a blind eye on the condition that Gaddafi refrained from dancing the Highland Fling. Besides, it’s a big bonus if al Megrahi dies without making an appeal - the dirty secrets surrounding massive CIA manipulation of witnesses and evidence, including the possibility that Pan Am Flight 103 was carrying US secret service contraband die with him. Mandelson wins either way: if Brown is discomfited and if the Scottish National Party is put in the hole, his task of bullying the Labour Party is strengthened (Labour desperately needs seats in Scotland in the upcoming General Election). The inconvenient truth is that Colonel Gaddafi is a loony and his son appears to be a blowhard, so the whole yellow ribbon homecoming was unfortunate, but you can’t win them all. Champagne all round at Chateau Rothschild, Corfu branch. Another dinner guest has provided immense entertainment value on the international stage.

John J Kelly

..... Obama to set a timetable for completing an Palestinian-Israeli peace deal -- pleasing Arabs & irritating Israelis

The Israel Project was left-of-center when it suited their purposes to be pro-government, when Calev Ben-David headed it. But Ha-Ha-Haaretz knows better.

Here is how they are described today:-

the right-wing Israel Project group

And why?

A pro-Israel lobby group in the U.S. has launched a project intent on shifting the focus of the Obama administration away from West Bank settlements, claiming they are not an obstacle to peace and that their evacuation would amount to "ethnic cleansing."

A manual called Global Language Dictionary, circulated among supporters of the right-wing Israel Project group, seeks to develop a strategy to downplay the centrality of settlement freeze in the American efforts to press on with the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians...the manual urges its readers to disseminate the message that "the idea that anywhere that you have Palestinians there can't be any Jews, that some areas have to be Jew-free, is a racist idea. We cannot see why it is that peace requires that any Palestinian area would require a kind of ethnic cleansing to remove all Jews. We don't accept it."

Admitting that the settlements are the "toughest issue" in pro-Israel advocacy, and that the hostility towards Israel's settlement policy "is clearly evident," the document advises the activists to stick to the security benefits of the settlements at the expense of the theological argument.

We needed them for that? I've been writing that for dozens of years and have been published, as recently as in the LATimes at the end of June, the outlines that Frank Luntz presents.

By Yisrael Medad
Shiloh, Benjamin District, Samaria, Israel

Latest Book Review: Current and Ex-Secret Service Agents Revealed a Lot of Gossip About Presidents

This book on the Secret Service is continuing to touch nerves inside and outside the agency. Some current and former Secret Service agents are disturbed that current and former agents disclosed secrets that should have remained secret. Here’s the latest review of Ronald Kessler’s new book: “IN THE PRESIDENT’S SECRET SERVICE: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect”
By James Bamford

The Washington Post Outlook Section

A few blocks from the White House, on the busy corner of H and 9th streets, stands a bland, unnamed, nine-story office building. On a wall in the lobby, large silver letters spell out the words “Worthy of Trust and Confidence.”

That is the motto of the Secret Service, and the anonymous tan-brick building is the agency’s headquarters. “The phrase,” said former director Lewis C. Merletti, “is the absolute heart and soul of the United States Secret Service. . . . And it must never be compromised.” Lest they forget, all agents have the motto emblazoned on their IDs.

But in light of an odd decision by the current director, Mark Sullivan, the motto should be changed to “Have You Heard This One?” During the Bush administration, hoping for some good, ego-enhancing publicity, Sullivan broke with his agency’s long-standing policy of absolute silence and allowed Ronald Kessler to get an earful.

The chief Washington correspondent for, which bills itself as “the #1 conservative news agency online,” Kessler had written very positive books about CIA Director George Tenet, first lady Laura Bush and President George W. Bush, and Sullivan was probably hoping for the same treatment.

Cowboys video screens become an issue

They say that everything in Texas is bigger. For the video screens at new Cowboys Stadium that is certainly the case. the screens measure 25 yards tall by 60 yards wide, and they offer the fans at the new stadium an unprecedented view of all the action on the field. However after the stadium debuted last night with a Dallas Cowboys-Tennessee Titans pre-season game, the screens may be a very large issue.

The screens sit 90 feet about the field, a full five feet higher the minimum height about the field as per NFL rules. However Titans punter AJ Trapasso hit he screen while punting hit it once, and almost hit it again. On the play where the ball hit the screen the officials had to declare a do over on the kicking play.

During testing the Cowboys used their kicker and while he hit it several times the thinking at the time was he was hitting it because he was trying too. The Cowboys officials thought that in game punts would be lower then a guy trying to hit the screens.

The real problem here is if the Cowboys have to move the screens it may cost over 2 million dollars. That would be in addition to the 1.2 billion the team has already spent constructing the new stadium. However if this is going to be an issue than the league will have to step in and force the change.

Girl Survives 7-Story Plunge

New York, NY (AHN) - An 8-year-old girl survived a seven-story fall from an apartment window with broken bones and organ damage, but will likely live to tell about it.

New York Police say Destiny Antonio fell out of her bedroom window while her family was sleeping at about 1 a.m. Friday morning. The window did have a guard on it. The family lives in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx.

Her family told the New York Post she woke up to an argument outside the building and leaned out of the window for a closer look. She climbed onto the edge and lost her balance.

She fell onto a grassy patch next to a metal grate.

The little girl suffered a broken leg, a broken hip and damage to her liver and intestines.

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez Wins Miss Universe 2009 Pageant

Miss Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez, won the Miss Universe 2009 pageant held in Nassau, Bahamas.

Stefania Fernandez was crowned Miss Universe 2009 earlier toningt (Sunday) in Nassau, Bahamas where the pageant was held. Fernandez takes over the role of Miss Universe from another venezulan, Dayana Mendoza who won the Miss Universe pageant in 2008.

Women from 83 countries around the globe competed for the Miss Universe crown but only 5 made it to the top 5 - First runner up was Miss Dominican Republic followed by Kosovo, Australia, and Puerto Rico.

Wen says China faces possible new economic worries

BEIJING — China's top economic official cautioned that the country faces possible new problems and said Beijing will continue its stimulus policies because a recovery still lacks a solid foundation, according to comments reported Monday.

Premier Wen Jiabao warned against being "blindly optimistic" despite improvements in economic growth, according to a report on the Cabinet's Web site.

"Economic operation still faces many new difficulties and problems," Wen was quoted as saying during a visit to southeastern China that ended Monday.

Wen cautioned that the effects of some government measures might fade while others would take time to show results, the statement said. It gave no other details of potential problems.

Wen said Beijing will stick to policies meant to boost domestic demand, maintain easy credit and promote efficiency, the statement said. The government is in the midst of a two-year, 4 trillion yuan ($586 billion) stimulus that is meant to insulate China from the global downturn by boosting domestic consumption.

Wen's comments echoed his repeated recent warnings against complacency and assurances that Beijing's stimulus spending and easy credit would continue. But they clashed with increasing optimism among financial analysts who say China is emerging from its economic slump.

China's economic growth accelerated in the latest quarter amid Beijing's huge stimulus spending but authorities have called for continued vigilance. They say weak corporate profits and other areas show a recovery is not fully established.

"The foundation of the economic recovery is not stable, not firm and not balanced, and we certainly cannot be blindly optimistic," Wen said during his visit to Zhejiang province south of Shanghai, according to the statement.

Outed blogger who flamed model angry at Google

NEW YORK — A blogger who called a magazine cover model offensive names on a Web site says Google failed to protect her right to privacy.

Rosemary Port tells the New York Daily News in Sunday editions that she's angry that Google unmasked her after a Manhattan judge forced the company to reveal her identity.

Google says users agree to a privacy policy that allows the company to share personal information if required by a legal action.

Port was identified as the author of a site on Google's that had published anonymous remarks about Vogue cover model Liskula Cohen's hygiene and sexual habits.

Cohen sued to have the blogger identified, arguing that the comments on the site were defamatory.

But Port says that her privacy was violated and she has a right to her opinions.

Malaysia delays caning of woman who drank beer

KARAI, Malaysia — Malaysia abruptly granted a Ramadan reprieve to the first Muslim Malay woman to be sentenced to caning for drinking beer, but insisted Monday the thrashing would still take place after the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, a 32-year-old mother of two, had been en route to a women's prison for the caning when Islamic officials who took her into custody drove her back home and released her.

Mohamad Sahfri Abdul Aziz, a state legislator in charge of religious affairs, later said the Attorney General's office advised that the caning should be delayed for compassionate reasons until after the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which began Saturday.

"The sentence is not being canceled," Mohamad Sahfri told The Associated Press.

Amnesty International condemned the sentence, and many critics had said the caning would harm Malaysia's reputation as a moderate Muslim-majority country.

Kartika was arrested in a raid for drinking beer at a hotel lounge in December 2007 and accused of breaching Malaysia's Shariah law, which forbids Muslims from consuming alcohol.

The law provides for a three-year prison term and caning for Muslims caught drinking, but most offenders are fined. Drinking is legal for non-Muslims.

Kartika was sentenced to six strokes of a rattan cane by the Shariah court in July in what was considered a warning to other Muslims to abide by religious laws.

In an interview with the AP last week, Kartika said she wanted to be caned because "I want to respect the law."

Kartika's sister, Ratna, said Kartika was "very stressed" because of the unexpected delay.

Islamic authorities had insisted that the purpose of the caning is to educate rather than punish. They say the rattan cane supposed to be used on Kartika would be smaller and lighter than the one used for men and that she will remain clothed.

Men convicted of crimes such as rape and bribery in Malaysia are caned on their bare buttocks, breaking the skin and leaving permanent scars.

Justice Department Ethics Office Formally Recommends Prosecution Of CIA Torture

NEW YORK TIMES: The Justice Department’s ethics office has recommended reversing the Bush administration and reopening nearly a dozen prisoner-abuse cases, potentially exposing Central Intelligence Agency employees and contractors to prosecution for brutal treatment of terrorism suspects, according to a person officially briefed on the matter. When the C.I.A. first referred its inspector general’s findings to prosecutors, they decided that none of the cases merited prosecution. But Mr. Holder’s associates say that when he took office and saw the allegations, which included the deaths of people in custody and other cases of physical or mental torment, he began to reconsider. With the release of the details on Monday and the formal advice that at least some cases be reopened, it now seems all but certain that the appointment of a prosecutor or other concrete steps will follow, posing significant new problems for the C.I.A

A long-suppressed report by the Central Intelligence Agency’s inspector general to be released next week reveals that CIA interrogators staged mock executions as part of the agency’s post-9/11 program to detain and tortureflag.jpegquestion terror suspects, NEWSWEEK has learned. A lengthy report on the CIA interrogation program was completed by the agency’s inspector general in May 2004, around the time that the initial, most intense phase of the CIA effort began to wind down. The purpose of the report was to examine how the CIA program had been conducted, and whether Justice Department guidelines governing the use of harsh “enhanced” interrogation techniques had been followed. According to the sources, the inspector general criticizes some agency interrogators for exceeding official guidelines in the use of extreme tactics on detainees.

Too few American troops in Afghanistan, while Obama on non-working vacation

Afghanistan is supposed to be the good war, as opposed to Iraq which was George W. Bush's unjust war. At least that's what the Democrats told us. Now Afghanistan is Obama's war and it doesn't look good. The Democrats don't want to support this war any more than they wanted to support Iraq, now that their man is in office.

The situation in Afghanistan is serious, deteriorating, too few troops, the Taliban insurgency has gotten better, more sophisticated, according to Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. U.S. combat deaths have risen with 44 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan in July.

Obama already plans to increase the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan to about 68,000 by year's end, more than double the 32,000 the United States had there at the end of 2008.

Mullen declined to comment on U.S. media reports that McChyrstal might recommend additional increases of 15,000, 25,000 or 45,000 troops. (Reuters)

Mullen will hold his report until after the votes are counted in Afghanistan. Seems there is a questions as to who actually won the election... Iran redux?

Afghanistan and Iraq are now Obama's Viet Nams. Public support for the war in Afghanistan is eroding and the country remains vulnerable to being taken over again by extremist forces, according to Mullen, who also said "President Barack Obama's new strategy for defeating the Taliban and al-Qaida was a work in progress".

We've been there over eight years with no end in site. Troops are outnumbered, support from home, specifically the Democrats, is dropping like a lead balloon. At the same time, troops pull-backs in Iraq have allowed the bad guys to kill Americans and Iraqis in increasing numbers. My question:

WWOD? What will Obama do? Oh, he's on a non-working vacation that's costing the well-appointed Blue Heron Farm, a private estate on Martha's Vineyard. Must be nice to be the messiah, the chosen one,...

Military commanders with the NATO mission in Afghanistan told President Barack Obama's chief envoy to the region this weekend that they did not have enough troops to do their job, pushed past their limit by Taliban rebels who operated across borders. (Mercury News)

Do we really want our troops staying there when the lefty groups are forcing them to reveal names of detainees, where they are held, and questioning every move they make? We cannot conduct a war to win with soldiers afraid to make a move, afraid they will be targeted by the Left, targeted by lawyers. It's not fair to them. They are not free to be soldiers, they are not free to do their job, they are not free to protect our country or themselves.

If we are not in this war to WIN, then get our people OUT.

Ryan Jenkins Dead: Ryan Alexander Jenkins Suicide?

Ryan Jenkins Dead

Ryan Jenkins, the reality show contestant suspected in the murder if Jasmine Fiore, has been found dead in a hotel room.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Jenkins was found in a hotel in British Columbia, where it seems that he took his own life. Hotel staff discovered his body, and according to reports he was found hanging in what appears to be a suicide.

Police are preparing to give a press conference about the death of Jenkins.

Ryan Alexander Jenkins was a reality show contestant who was facing murder charges for the alleged murder of Jasmine Fiore.

Jasmine Fiore’s naked, mutilated corpse was found stuffed inside a suitcase in park dumpster south of Los Angeles. She and Jenkins were married earlier this year, but had their marriage annulled in May. Jenkins reported his wife missing shortly before her body was discovered. She had been strangled and her fingers and teeth were removed in an effort to make identifying her difficult. However, Fiore was identified using the serial numbers from her breast implants.

The Orange County district attorney filed first-degree murder charges against Jenkins on Friday.

We will have more details on this story as they emerge.