Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roger Clemens enjoys big meal before being arraigned

There was nothing wrong with Roger Clemens’ appetite as he made his way through the cafeteria on the first floor of the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse at the lunch hour yesterday. Onto his tray went a big salad. And an overstuffed sandwich. And a large cup of orange juice. And an extra large bottle of Poland Spring. “How are you doing today?” the woman behind the cash register asked the man who in less than two hours would be arraigned up on the sixth floor on Indictment No. 10-223, six counts that would charge that William R. Clemens (“also known as ‘Roger,’” as the court clerk helpfully added) lied under oath before Congress. “I’m doing great!” Clemens chirped affably, and soon he was sitting with his legal team, with Rusty Hardin and four other lawyers who will try to extricate him from the biggest jam of his life, one he created for himself by insisting on testifying a few blocks away from this building back in February 2008. Clemens talked all through lunch, reducing his legal team to gales of laughter a dozen times. A courthouse worker came by, offered a piece of paper and a pen, and Clemens signed with a smile. — NY Post

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