Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pull Your Pants Up and be a man!

Foreword by actor Malik Yoba. Pull Your Pants Up and be a man! is a book to inspire thought and change. It will benefit the young thirteen-year-old boy who may not be fully aware of the steps he should take in planning a good life. It will be equally beneficial to the eighteen year old who has wandered away from a life of decency and good judgments. Pull Your Pants Up covers:

* What kills a dream?
* How can you start to dream again? Is it too late for you?
* How important is education in reaching your goal?
* What is a family, and what role do you play in making it work?
* How are you related to your neighborhood?
* How do you show respect?
* What is the honest way to make money and save it?

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