Thursday, October 14, 2010

Battleground 2010: Stimulus and Unemployment

By Adam Bitely
It’s no coincidence that the battleground states in the 2010 midterm elections are also states that have been severely hit by the Great Recession. If you look at California, Nevada, and Wisconsin, it is obvious that high unemployment numbers are playing a big role in the hottest races this year. Voters across the nation are wondering where the relief is that was promised by the Democrats in 2008.

Just look at Nevada where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is up for re-election. Facing a tea party-backed candidate named Sharron Angle, Reid has been neck and neck as the race heads in to the final stretch in spite of his $20 million barrage of negative ads targeting his opponent. But one thing Reid cannot overcome is that all voters are thinking about is how Nevada has fared under his leadership and senior position in the U.S. Senate. And the answer to that has to be scaring Reid.

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