Monday, October 25, 2010

BROOKS RIPS NJEA Press Conference: Monday October 25th 1:00PM

Press Conference: Monday October 25th 1:00PM
New Jersey State House Capitol Steps, Trenton, NJ

Trenton, NJ—Darryl M. Brooks, former New Jersey Senate candidate and long time community activist, called today for an immediate investigation into the covering up practices of the NJEA and stonewalling tactics used to protect teachers even after using racial slurs against students.  “This is unacceptable and I demand on behalf of all students and their families that the teacher is publicly identified and immediately banned from all classrooms until the matter is fully investigated,” said Brooks.  Brooks made these demands in light of the release this morning  by of several videos revealing the questionable actions of members of the NJEA.

“The time has come to put party politics aside and put our children first.  I am tired of the pandering we hear every election cycle from our elected officials that we need to improve our education system, while nothing gets done.  We continue to fall further and further behind other nations around the world when it comes to education, our schools continue to crumble, and our children, especially in the inner cities are being shortchanged.  To add insult to injury must we now endure teachers calling students the N word, while the NJEA stands by and does nothing but protect one of their own,” Brooks continued.

“We must take a hard look at what the NJEA stands for, and the cost to the taxpayers.  Are we getting the bang for the buck we deserve?  Property taxes continue to rise, people continue to leave the state, we have a failing education system, yet we are paying for a bloated NJEA bureaucracy whose main concern seems to be protecting tenured teaches.  Something is not adding up,” added Brooks.

Brooks concluded, “The NJEA holds not only our education system hostage but also holds the Democratic Party hostage with promises of delivered votes.  We have reports of voter fraud with the blessing of NJEA officials, we have NJEA employees using racial epitaphs with immunity, and it seems the only thing we ever hear about is how much more money is needed to improve our failing schools.  I say let’s start by doing a top down investigation on the NJEA, see where our tax dollars go, and what real changes can be made in our educational system to make real and long lasting improvements.

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