Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daily Show Obama and Jon Stewart: How Did They Do? by Maria Lianos

President Obama, Jon Stewart
President Obama, Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show"

Jon Stewart welcomed President Obama on “The Daily Show” Wednesday night, the first time a serving president has sat down for an interview on the program.
Stewart spent the entire half-hour interviewing the president.

How did they do?

Both Obama and Stewart shared a spirited debate on some of the key questions which have most troubled both liberals and democrats about his administration.

Jon Stewart was respectful, cracking a few jokes.

After handing Obama a cup emblazoned with the presidential seal, calling it Mug Force One, Stewart dove into his series of questions and queries on the difference between the rhetoric of Obama’s campaign and his actions as president.

“You ran on very big rhetoric: hope and change,” Stewart said. “And the Democrats this year seem to be running on ‘please baby, one more chance.’ How did we go in two years from hope and change to ‘You’re not going to give (Republicans) the keys?’”

Obama responded that most of the jobs lost in the last two years ended before his financial reforms took effect.  Several Democrats are running in mostly Republican districts, which limits their campaign efforts.  Thus many voters remain unaware of the progress the administration has made on many issues.

“If we’re making progress, we’re being true to the spirit of the campaign,” he said. “I would say ‘Yes we can, but it’s not going to happen overnight.’”

“When we promised during the campaign change you can believe in, it wasn’t change you can believe in in 18 months,’’ Mr. Obama said. “It was change you can believe in but were going to have to work for it.”
I think both did considerably well, proving that having a President on a late show can be successful.

Watch the whole interview on The Daily Show.

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