Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daily SMH: Delinquent Teen Beaten By Transgender Prostitute

A 16-year-old transgender hooker beat the brakes off of a teenager who attempted to rob the 6'1", near 300 pound prostitute at gunpoint -- only after approaching the teen for "services." This has several degrees of fail written all over it.

Rufus Bowman, approached who he thought was a 6'1", 290 pound female prostitute for her services. That was only his first mistake. Turns out the she was a he, sort of -- it was a transvestite transgender hooker named Joshua Bumpus. Oh yeah, after being shot by Bowman, who was attempting to rob him, Bumpus proceeded to whip Bowman's ass, soundly.

This turn of events is a perfect example of life being stranger that fiction. Back on July 13th in Cincinatti, Bowman, who is all of 16-years-old, after going to a back alley to finish their "transaction," attempted to rob his cross-dressing paramour at gunpoint. Bowman, who at 5'7" and 230 pounds is no lightweight, actually shot Bumpus, the bullet going through his arm and ending near his ribs.

But it seems like getting shot only made Bumpus mad. Not only did Bumpus proceed to thrash Bowman -- "He got the gun away from (Bowman), he grabbed (Bowman) by the hair and beat him down. He beat the (daylights) out of him," said Hamilton County assistant prosecutor Ryan Nelson -- but some of his transgender "colleagues" jumped in to deliver some blows of their own. No pun intended, really.

Robbery and prostitution is already a double whammy. But adding a Madea on stroll that's built like an NFL lineman, along with his "teammates," to the mix makes for an equation destined to finish with a FAIL. Bowman plead guilty to felonious assault and was sentenced to three years. Hey Rufus, don't drop the soap.

by Alvin Blanco

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