Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Deadspin.com Brett Favre Pics and Audio Were Paid For

Posted by MariaLianos
Brett Favre Jennifer Sterger
Brett Favre, Jennifer Sterger

A Deadspin editor has acknowledged that an undisclosed large sum was paid to a third-party in order to obtain damaging evidence against NFL start Brett Favre.

The married grandfather has been making huge headlines after alleged MySpace messages, voicemails and lewd photos of him surfaced on Deadspin.com, all in an effort to woo  Jennifer Sterger.

The information on Deadspin were edited in a video with commentary, along with audio of the voicemails and the alleged pictures of Brett.   Watch the video here.

Phil Reese, manager of Jenn Sterger, has told the AP that his client “did not provide Deadspin with any information.”

So then how did Deadspin get their hands on all of the evidence?

Something doesn’t smell right.  What is your take?

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