Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deanna Favre Takes One for the Team, Dodges Scandal Questions (Video)

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deanna favre 
Deanna Favre took one for the team this morning!

The breast cancer survivor made an appearance on Good Morning America to talk about how women can find their way through personal struggles.  Although she mostly dodged the questions about her husband Brett Favre’s current sexting scandal, Deanna opened up about using her faith to get through life’s challenges.

“I’m a woman of faith,” Deanna Favre told GMA in her first interview since news of the scandal broke. “Faith has gotten me through many difficult struggles. It will get me through this one.”

While the scandal was on everyone’s minds, Deanna was on hand to talk about her new book and her own battle with breast cancer.   Deanna and co-author Shane Stanford were on hand to talk about The Cure for the Chronic Life which coincidentally is about how to use faith to get through the hard times and how to avoid patterns of unhealthy behavior.  Throughout the interview Deanna did her best to navigate the conversation away from the scandal and stay focused on the message of the book.

Congrats to Deanna Favre for holding her head high and taking one for the team!

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