Monday, October 25, 2010

Defund Public Broadcasting Once and For All

By Bill Wilson
Any pretense that once existed that National Public Radio (NPR) is an objective news outlet open to alternative viewpoints and serving the public interest is gone.
That is why in the wake of NPR’s canning news analyst Juan Williams simply for speaking his mind, Americans for Limited Government (ALG) has launched a national petition calling for an end to taxpayer funding of public broadcasting. Concerned citizens can visit to take part.

Really, this is a long time coming. For too long, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has operated as a front for a radical, left-wing agenda under the guise of providing a public service. As such, ALG has also renewed its call for members of Congress to cosponsor legislation by Representative Doug Lamborn (R-CO) that would defund it permanently.

Lamborn’s legislation got a big boost on October 21st when House Republican Leader in an interview with National Review Online also called for pulling the plug on public broadcasting.
It’s pretty simple. In these dire economic times, with a national debt of over $13.6 trillion, we cannot afford luxuries.

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