Friday, October 15, 2010

Forget Visa and MasterCard: If you want a low interest credit card, you need the HugoCard

Got bad credit? Looking a low cost credit card? No problem. Just move to Venezuela and get one from Hugo Chavez.
hugo chavez low interest credit card
The HugoCard. Don't leave home without it.
The Associated Press details Hugo’s credit card offer:
Going into Sunday’s legislative elections, President Hugo Chavez pitched his candidates like a salesman, promising Venezuelans he will give them low-interest credit cards and discounted appliances from washing machines to TV sets.
Chavez turned to his long successful populist appeals seeking to woo voters more concerned with their pocketbooks than with his socialist politics. He is trying to hold off a determined challenge by the opposition, which is intent on breaking Chavez’s stranglehold on the National Assembly for the first time in his presidency.
“I want us to win the elections by knockout!” Chavez told cheering supporters during one of his final campaign rallies, standing amid allied candidates dressed in his party’s signature red.
… Apparently seeking to turn up the heat in the campaign, Chavez has launched a program to provide Venezuelans with special, low-interest credit cards that can be used to shop at state-run stores and for travel, calling it the “Good Life Card.”
The only problem with this technique of getting rid of your credit card debt is that you end up owing money to Hugo Chavez.

And we guarantee that even the pushiest American debt collector is a pussycat compared to Hugo.
Source: Associated Press

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