Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gloria Allred: Brett Favre could pay Jenn Sterger to keep quiet

Jenn Sterger, the sexy TV personality who allegedly received X-rated crotch shots from Brett Favre is under no obligation to talk to NFL investigators – and, according to attorney Gloria Allred, she could even agree to a deal with the legendary quarterback to keep her mouth shut. Attorneys who believe their clients have legitimate harassment complaints can negotiate settlements that include confidentiality clauses, Allred told the Daily News Monday. “Parties often agree to confidential settlements rather than have one party pursue litigation,” said Allred, who represented Tiger Woods’ mistresses Rachel Uchitel, who is reported to have received a settlement from Woods prior to canceling a news conference, and porn actress Joslyn James. “If there’s no legal merit to the claim, that’s a different situation.” — NY Daily News

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