Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heat Lose Opener, So I Guess LeBron Sucks Now?

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LeBron James and the new-look Miami Heat opened the NBA season last night in Boston.

 Apparently, LeBron was the only one of the “Three’t” to show up for the game, as he put up 31 points in his team’s 88-80 loss to the Celtics. Holy crap, “Three’t” might be the worst moniker ever.
Celtics coach Doc Rivers is convinced the Heat will progress into a title contender.
“They’re going to be great,” he said.
Not yet, though. Wade and Bosh weren’t even all that good on opening night.
Wade was limited to 13 points on 4-of-16 shooting and Bosh added eight points and eight rebounds. The trio combined for 15 of the Heat’s 17 turnovers— eight by James, six by Wade and one by Bosh. And Miami was outscored 16-9 in the first quarter. –Y! Sports.
Obviously the Heat still need time to find ways of maximizing their personnel advantages. After all, both Wade and James were playing in the FIBA Worlds this summer and have barely had any sort of offseason break. But I thought the Celtics were supposed to be too old to compete for the East this year.

 You know, just like last year and the year before that. They’ve got more toilet water on their balls than a dead goldfish. Okay, I might have to draw you a picture for that one.
At least Kobe won last night. Good job, Kobe.

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