Friday, October 22, 2010

isa Marie Presley Talks to Oprah (Video)

For the first time since right after Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009, ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley opened up to Oprah Winfrey about his tragic passing.
Lisa Marie Presley Talks to Oprah (Video)

She said her appearance wasn’t about promoting anything and went on to say that their marriage was real. She recalled being informed of his passing by John Travolta. She said, “I was crying all day.” She said she didn’t know why, and then she got word from John that Michael had died. She said, “Actually, John Travolta was one of the first texts I got, asking, ‘Are you alright?’”

Of her reaction to his death, she said, “Real honest to goodness shock. I was floored. Honestly floored.” She spoke of their marriage, saying, “In every sense it was a normal marriage. He was like a little gnome. Because it was hard for him to sleep. I’d hear him piddling. It was a bit endearing and I didn’t mind it. But he did have a hard time sleeping, yes.” She continued, “I loved taking care of him. It was the highest point of my life. He was like a drug for me. I always wanted to be around him. I never felt like that feeling with another human except for one - my father.” “One of the very highest points of my life was when things were going really well and he and I were united together and he and I had an understanding about some of the people and things that could go on around him and he was with me on those things and we were a unit and I could take care of him,” she told Oprah. “For some reason, I don’t know what happens when someone passes away and this is what’s come of it. But I’ve come to have all this love again and understanding for him. I don’t know why it had to take all that to have this happen. That upsets me a bit,” Presley opined.

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Kim said...

I love Oprah but I fail to see why she continues to make Lisa Marie Presley relevant, with a interview every year.