Monday, October 18, 2010

Lieberman the Kingmaker? Think Ben Nelson Instead

By Rick Manning
Speculation is running rampant on Capitol Hill that Connecticut Senator, McCain for President supporter, Joe Lieberman could be the tie-breaking vote on who is in control of the Senate if the Senate ends up with a 50-50 split after November 2nd.

The highly respected congressional newspaper, The Hill, even goes so far as to have a front page headline heralding Lieberman as a likely “Kingmaker.” While the author of the story, J.T. Rushing has proven to be a reliable reporter on Senate issues in the past, he is missing the boat by a wide mile on this story.
Lieberman will not become a Republican, and he will not conference with the Republicans to make a majority.

Remember that Lieberman was defeated in the Democratic Party primary in 2006, and won his seat through an Independent bid, where he cobbled together Democrat, Independent and Republican supporters to defeat the D.C. Democratic establishment that threw in behind his opponent. Then Lieberman essentially rejoined these very same Democratic colleagues in 2007.

In 2008, Lieberman joined John McCain on the campaign trail in his failed presidential bid, and after the election, he once again fell into the arms of Harry Reid.

Joe Lieberman is the ultimate tease — he shows a little leg, but never delivers for Republicans.
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