Monday, October 18, 2010

Marc Lamont Hill Calls Philly Cops 'Patrolling While Racist'

marc lamont hill says philly cops patrolling while racist
By Ericka Blount Danois

Yesterday, Marc Lamont Hill (pictured), the only voice of reason over at Fox News, a Columbia University professor and a pundit that speaks eloquently on a variety of topics filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Philadelphia police.

Based on his tweets, where he alleges cops harassed him for driving a nice car after dropping someone off, it seems there will be no beer summit to resolve this one. Take a look:

Cop: "Nice car. How do u afford this?" Me: "I work."

They pull me out the car and go through all my stuff.

Without asking, cop opens the door and starts going through my glove box & arm rest compartment.

Cop finds my checkbook: "This says Dr. on it. Who's is it?" Me: "Mine." Him: "What do u do?" How is this relevant?

Now he says to me: "I'm gonna let u go. No tickets. Just want u to be safe." GTFOH. He didn't give me a ticket bc I didn't do s%&t.

This is NOT a case of driving while black. It's a case of patrolling while racist. They're the issue, not me.

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