Tuesday, October 26, 2010


News Release
For Immediate Release—October 26, 2010
Contact:  Daryl M. Brooks at daryl@liberist.com   


Trenton, NJ—Daryl M. Brooks, Co-Founder of the Greater Trenton Tea Party and long time community activist, called the newly released voter fraud video implicating officials at NJEA at being complicit in a voter fraud cover-up as being most disturbing.  We must get to the bottom of this and I will be bringing this video along with yesterday’s released video to the New Jersey Attorney General Paula T. Dow so an immediate investigation can begin into the practices of the NJEA.  Brooks made these new demands in light of the just released voter fraud video posted at www.liberist.com

"NJEA’s close association with the Democratic Party has long been known but this is worse than even I imagined.”  Brooks continued, "When you think of voter fraud, you think of people voting twice, or people using the name of a deceased voter.  This is wholesale abuse of democracy itself."

"We cannot allow yesterday’s allegations to fade either.  I will continue to demand from NJEA officials the name of the teacher involved, and call for their immediate suspension until a full investigation into this incident and other similar incidents are explained.  It is absurd to think a teacher could be allowed to make such disgusting remarks and continue to remain in the classroom, and do so with immunity just because they are tenured.  I will be calling for a protest in front of NJEA headquarters next week if my demands are not met.", added Brooks.

James O’Keefe responsible for the producing the newest video concluded, “Don’t crucify the messenger, examine the message.  These are serious allegations and must be looked into.  Free and clean elections are at the very cornerstone of our Democracy and everything must be done to insure nothing interferes with it.  The public must have confidence in the electoral process and this cuts to the very core of that confidence.  I hope the NJEA works with me in putting light on these allegations, so the public can be assured these practices do not continue to exist.”

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