Thursday, October 21, 2010

NAACP Report Accuses The Tea Party Movement Of Being Racist: Bookerista Response

Niger Innis: "NAACP Betrays Its Mission Of Uplifting Black Americans By Attacking Tea Partiers" 

The conservative spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality opines: "What this potpourri of 'progressive' groups [on a conference call to discuss the NAACP's report] are really trying to do is inspire an uninspired liberal base of voters, days before the predicted November election bloodletting. Over the past month, President Obama has also been putting a full-court press on African Americans to turn out to vote in this mid-term election. Not surprisingly, mainstream media writers are puzzled by the muffled response from what is viewed as the president’s core constituency."

He continues his commentary: "The answer can be found in one number, 49%. That is the unemployment rate for black teens. It is one thing to talk about empowerment, and quite another to deliver it. And the legacy of the Reid/Pelosi leadership in Congress which has been embraced by Obama is that young black people have virtually no hope of finding work. Parents know that when their kids can't find an honest job, all too often the temptation is to make money with one that is not as honest. That is nothing but the furthering of the cycle of poverty, which continues to plague the African American community in our nation."

More: "Unfortunately, the self-appointed spokesmen for blacks, the NAACP, doesn’t view 49% unemployment among black teens as a civil rights issue. Instead, in their partisan zeal, they have become little more than a Get-Out-The-Vote arm of the Democratic Party. In their dying gasps of attempted influence, the NAACP is trying to create a climate of fear in the black community this election season by pushing false visions of white-sheeted tea partiers taking over America. Desperate to regain relevance, they use 1960's imagery to an audience that for the most part hasn't seen it or lived it, and doesn't buy into it. Most African Americans have very familiar wants: safe neighborhoods to live in, a job, educational opportunities, and most importantly, a strong economic future for their children. Instead, the NAACP is attempting to hand us outdated platitudes that play on the basest of fears."

Coby Dillard: a tea party organizer 
Black Tea Partiers: "Why Didn't The NAACP Talk To Us?"

From the news release of Project 21, a black conservative group: "Members of the Project 21 black leadership network are highly critical of a study obviously devised with pre-ordained conclusions and crafted to be a weapon to bring disrepute upon grassroots activism against the liberal big-government policies of the Obama White House and the current congressional leadership. 'Looking at the research that comprises this report, I find it interesting that it appears not a single leader of the mentioned tea party groups was asked for its background,' noted Project 21 member Coby Dillard, a co-founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party in Virginia. 'Had this research been conducted, the facts would show that two of the mentioned groups are simply capitalizing from the tea party movement and that two others are for-profit enterprises. I fail to see, just as I did this summer when their resolution was voted on, how this report ‘advances’ black Americans or those of any color. The longer the NAACP stays on this path, the more they show themselves unable to provide solutions to the issues most Americans care about.'"

Mychal Massie
More: "'This is gotcha politics, plain and simple. They are using tall tales and hearsay to obscure real concern about the state of our nation. I've read fairy tales with more credibility,' said Project 21 chairman Mychal Massie, who has spoken at many tea party events. 'To drop down to their level, one could cite former NAACP executive director Ben Chavis as a link between the NAACP and the racial extremism of the Nation of Islam. The same could be done regarding IREHR board member Gina Chiala due to her years advocating for a pardon of Leonard Peltier, the radical Indian-rights activist who was convicted of murdering two FBI agents. I’m sure they wouldn’t think that’s fair game — even though both have or held leadership postions — but they’ll play that way when it comes to the tea parties.'"

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