Thursday, October 7, 2010

New York City Tries To Stop People From Using Food Stamps On Soda

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn't want people getting fat off of government aid, so he's trying to make soda and other sugary drinks ineligible for Food Stamp purchases.

The New York Times reports Bloomberg asked the United States Department of Agriculture to let the city ban its 1.7 million food stamp users from getting their soft drink on with Coke and its dastardly cousins.
The mayor has gone after soda before, having attempted to coax the state to tax sugary beverages.

How far do you think the government should go to restrict food stamp use?
New York Asks to Bar Use of Food Stamps to Buy Sodas [The New York Times]

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Kim said...

Well I'm in total agreement with the Mayor.. More than soda should be under review, the entire welfare system needs a serious overhaul. If it were up to me no one would be getting welfare unless, they were elderly, disable a college student or unemployed for a stint...I know that sounds harsh and elitist...but...anywho.