Thursday, October 14, 2010

RFK Jr. endorses Crist, says Meek can’t win, slams Rubio and his ‘angry’ supporters

by George Bennett | 
DEERFIELD BEACH — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. broke with his Democratic heritage this morning and endorsed indie Charlie Crist for Senate, arguing that Democratic nominee Kendrick Meek can’t defeat Republican frontrunner Marco Rubio.

The liberal scion apparently doesn’t think much of Rubio — or his supporters.

“Mr. Rubio has a radical vision, a narrow vision, an I-can-be-as-stupid-as-I-want vision of this country. It has appeal when people are angry, but it’s not a good long-term plan,” Kennedy said, according to our Jane Musgrave, who was on the scene at Shelby’s restaurant.

As for Democratic nominee Meek, who consistently places a distant third in polls, Kennedy said: “If I thought he could win, I’d be down here campaigning for him.”

When asked if Meek should drop out, Musgrave reports that Kennedy said: “In a politician’s life we all have to make decisions that are bigger than ourselves. I hope he looks at the entire political landscape as he assesses his future in this race.”

Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, praised Crist as a champion of the environment.
Kennedy’s cousin-in-law, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, endorsed Crist Tuesday. Schwarzenegger is married to Maria Shriver, a niece of Robert F. Kennedy.

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