Monday, October 18, 2010

What’s wrong with black women?

It seems that lately the media and others having been going in on black women.  I realize that all of these celebrity wives may not be giving us the best public image but not all of us are like the few gracing our television screens.

Not only have black women been portrayed as unable to find a “good” man and drama queens, we are also horrible friends.  Almost every time I see a reality show, I begin to cringe when the black female comes on camera because I know there is about to be some drama.  I can’t understand why we aren’t peaceful, playful and fun loving.  Why are we always ready to start drama or fight someone? Why are most of our relationships built on finances or good looks?   To add fuel to the fire, we are not even faithful to our girls, we talk about them behind their backs, find ways to sabotage and manipulate them… the list goes on and on.

I am sure this drama-filled life is the typical black woman experience for many but not all of us are like this.  It may come as a shock after everything you’ve seen on television about us but most of us are really nice people.  We are not all catty, high strung, drama queen, gold diggers.  We are not all materialistic and looking to hook up with any and every celebrity/ professional athlete that crosses our path.  Some of us have real jobs, real friends and stable relationships.  Brace yourself, some of us even give back to our communities, advocate for good causes and spend more time helping others than we spend shopping.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with black women.  We may have a lower tolerance for bull$hit than other women but everyone is a product of their environment.  Not all of us grew up in a princess fairy tale but if you keep calling us bitches and expecting us to pop off at any second; you will eventually get what you are asking for.  We want to be nice to you but every woman has her limitations.  Please stop testing our boundaries, stop writing books and stop going on television shows criticizing our dating patterns and ranting about what we could do better.  Don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house.  No one is perfect but to assume that there is a problem with black women is ridiculous.

I’m almost done… if you want respect from any woman, you should try giving her respect.  Some of the women that have all of this drama are acting out and seeking attention to compensate for a void in their lives.  If we stop highlighting their destructive behavior and using it as a public example for other women to follow, we may save our future generations of women.  Let’s focus more on women who are trying to make something of their lives than the ones living with no regard for anyone than themselves because there is nothing wrong with black women.  Just like every other race, we just have a few bad apples.

BY Lakesha Womack


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Anonymous said...

I concur. People should not categorize and group all black women as the same. Just because we have a few exceptions, does not make them the rule. Great post.

Kim said...

Heavy sigh... Life is a journey and the less you carry the lighter your travel will be. One doesn't have to catch AND carry everything that is thrown at them. Paticularly labels and false notions.