Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dump Reid as majority leader.

Now that the elections have turned out as predicted, it's time for the next action. Senate Democrats need to get together and dump Harry Reid as majority leader. While it's true that the state of Nevada managed not to elect a complete lunatic to the senate, Reid's victory by 5% is not exactly a ringing endorsement - especially given the quality of his opponent.

It's clear that Reid allowed the Senate to be stymied while enjoying a near super-majority of Democrats. He will be totally ineffective with a simple majority and we can expect complete gridlock. The Senate needs a majority leader who will use his position to move forward.

To lose Feingold and Grayson, lose Pelosi as House Speaker - and then to continue to be stuck with Reid as majority leader? At least there is something that Democrats can do to make this debacle a bit better.

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