Friday, November 26, 2010

ING Black Friday Deals Have Arrived

November 26, 2010

INGDirect has unveiled their Black Friday Deals and some of them look pretty attractive…
  • Earn $30 – Refer a Friend
  • Get $103 when you open an Electric Orange Checking Account
  • Get $25 when you open a kid savings account
  • 100% Cash Back Giveaway
  • 2% APY 36 month IRA CD
  • $2000 off closing costs on an Easy Orange Mortgage
  • 25% back on trades with ShareBuilder
The ones that look the most attractive to me are the $103 bonus for the new electric orange checking as well as the free $25 when opening a kid savings account. The $25 kid savings bonus is available to those that already have an ING account, so if you are looking to start up a savings fund for a child, why not get a free $25 in the process.

There is still a $25 referral bonus when opening up an ING direct savings account. If you are interested in opening a new account and want the free $25, I can refer you via the form below. Fill it out and a referral link will arrive in your email.

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