Friday, December 3, 2010

Pelosi’s Job Destruction Legacy Continues With Lame Duck Tax Increase Vote

By Rick Manning

Video by Frank McCaffrey
Nancy Pelosi is taking one last upper cut to our nation’s job creators before she goes back to being the leader of a ragtag group of inconsequential leftists in January 2011.

Pelosi clearly is not content with having the jobless rate rise during her four year tenure in the House of Representatives from 4.6 percent when she became Speaker in 2007 to a stunning 9.6 percent in the month her party was voted out of power. No, doubling the unemployment rate is not enough for Ms. Pelosi, before she leaves power she is determined to deliver another haymaker to the reeling economy. Pelosi and her cohorts voted to raise taxes on the nation’s job creators in a flailing attempt to show she is for the “middle class” but not the “rich”.

Ironically, this is the same Pelosi who spent years railing against the tax rates established by Congress in 2001 and 2003, decrying them for years as tax cuts for the rich. Now, by extending tax cuts for “middle class” Americans, she is admitting that in fact, the “Bush” tax cuts actually benefited all Americans, not exactly her campaign rhetoric.

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