Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sisters Parole Depends On Sharing A Kidney by Ron Hogan

In 1994, Jamie and Gladys Scott made headlines when the two women were given life sentences for armed robbery and assault charges.  The two women were convicted of luring two men into an ambush where three men jumped out, knocked them on the head with a shotgun, and took their wallets.  The grand take of the robbery was $11.  Since then, the women have spent the last 16 years in prison, but are looking to be freed by Mississippi governor Haley Barbour on one condition, and it’s a doozy:  Gladys Scott has to give a kidney to her sister Jamie Scott if the two women want to be paroled.

Interestingly enough, the kidney idea wasn’t the idea of Governor Barbour, who has been known to get creative with parole requests and has a history of controversial pardons.  The idea was the idea of 36-year-old Gladys, whose sister (38-year-old Jamie) requires dialysis treatments as a result of kidney failure.  So, when she petitioned for early release (the two were up for parole in 2014 anyway), she mentioned that she wanted to give her sister a kidney.  That set the wheels in motion, and it looks as though giving the gift of life and urine to her sister might be enough to get both women out of jail.

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