Monday, April 5, 2010

Jay-Z, Russell Simmons Rally For 7-Year-Old Gang Rape Victim

(AllHipHop News) A number of Hip-Hop heavyweights will head to Trenton, New Jersey in support of this weekend's "Stop the Violence” rally.

Hip-Hop superstar Jay-Z will head to Trenton for the rally, after hearing the shocking story of a seven-year-old girl, who was gang raped in an apartment in the city on March 28th.

Russell Simmons is hosting the event, while the Rev. Al Sharpton and other community leaders are expected to join Jay-Z for the rally, which takes place on Saturday (April 10th) at 7:00 PM at The Lighthouse Outreach ministry.

In addition to Jay-Z and Russell Simmons, rappers Ludacris, Chuck D. and Trenton's own Wise Intelligent of the Poor Righteous Teachers will deliver taped messages to attendees.

The rally is a reaction to the shocking news about the seven-year-old, who was assaulted by seven men, ranging in age from 13 to 20 years-old.

According to reports, the girl’s 15-year-old sister took an undisclosed amount of money and sold herself and her younger sister for sex during a party at the notorious Rowan Towers, where several men touched and raped the child.

Police have arrested five men believed to be involved with the crime and they seek two more rapists, who allegedly also forcibly penetrated the young girl.

“We are not finished, because everyone that was responsible is still not arrested,” Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer said during a press conference. “The police will not rest until we get every individual that’s involved in this.”

The Stop the Violence rally is free and open to the public tickets are available at the lighthouse outreach ministry in Trenton

The 15-year-old’s grandmother has stated that the family is now receiving death threats from local gangs.

New Tea Party Started In Trenton

Greater Trenton Tea Party, Inc. is a non-partisan, grassroots community established to advance and strengthen the Founding principle that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are God-given rights guaranteed to every individual by the Constitutions of the United States and New jersey.

We believe that government derives its power from the people and is established solely to protect these rights. The core principles of limited government, fiscal restraint, personal responsibility, and governing with virtue and accountability are all necessary to ensure the preservation of our freedom.

We believe that local governments, communities, and individuals are best suited to serve and represent the needs of the people.Most importantly, we believe that citizen participation in the political process is a fundamental necessity for good government.

President: Daryl Mikell Brooks

Chair: Lou Jasikoff

Vice President: Charles Green

Join Now!!!!

Four Out of Ten in the Tea Party Movement are Democrats or Independents

By Lonely Conservative
This just goes to show that the tea party movement really is a grass roots movement and opposition to it is manufactured by the Democrats and their comrades in the media.

The Hill: Four in 10 Tea Party members are either Democrats or Independents, according to a new national survey.

The findings provide one of the most detailed portraits to date of the grassroots movement that started last year.

The national breakdown of the Tea Party composition is 57 percent Republican, 28 percent Independent and 13 percent Democratic, according to three national polls by the Winston Group, a Republican-leaning firm that conducted the surveys on behalf of an education advocacy group. Two-thirds of the group call themselves conservative, 26 are moderate and 8 percent say they are liberal.

The left would have you believe the tea parties are made up of a bunch of radical right wing extremists. In reality it’s made up of sensible Americans with enough common sense to understand that we’re headed in the wrong direction.

Obama Misses the Big Oil


Amherst, Mass.

THE Obama administration’s decision to allow oil drilling off northern Alaska and the East Coast and in the eastern Gulf of Mexico is a bold political move that demonstrates a rational approach to energy policy. Yet, given the peculiarities of petroleum extraction, the public shouldn’t buy any arguments that it’s going to accomplish a lot in terms of energy independence or payback for taxpayers.

The administration is trying to deflect criticism from environmentalists by pointing out that the decision should help reduce our dependence on foreign oil, create thousands of high-paying jobs and generate much-needed tax revenue. But Mr. Obama is being careful not to offer any specifics, and for good reason: estimating undiscovered resources in areas with little previous drilling is as much art as science; even the most optimistic projections concede that the amount of petroleum we’re talking about here is relatively minor; and while some jobs may be created fairly quickly, profits (and tax revenues) are going to come slowly.

The best estimates of the federal Mineral Management Service suggest that the three new drilling areas combined have 4.5 billion to 22 billion barrels of potential oil, and 13 trillion to 95 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Considering that our current total estimated domestic reserves are 20 billion barrels of oil and 250 trillion cubic feet of gas, this sounds significant.

But this estimate of potential resources is misleading in a number of ways. Most important, the term “potential resources” refers to the amount likely to be discovered over a very long time, while our current reserves are those that have already been found but not yet tapped. Think of potential resources as the estimated harvest from an unplanted orchard, and reserves as what’s on the trees right now.

(More here.)

Watch the STS-131 Shuttle Mission Launch Live

Stream videos at Ustream

The feed for this is courtesy of SpaceVidCast. I will replace the live feed with a recorded video as soon as it becomes available. (You can watch the entire mission unfold at SpaceVidCast, where they will have 24/7 coverage for the duration).

STS-131 (ISS assembly flight 19A)[4] is the next scheduled mission of Space Shuttle Discovery, targeted for launch 5 April 2010 at 6:21 AM EDT. There is only a ten minute launch window.

The primary payload is a Multi-Purpose Logistics Module loaded with supplies and equipment for the station. The mission will also remove and replace an ammonia tank assembly outside the station and return a Lightweight Adapter Plate Assembly (LWAPA) plate, located on the Columbus module. The mission also includes several on-board payloads; this mission has the most payloads since STS-107.

Commander Alan Poindexter will lead the STS-131 mission to the International Space Station aboard space shuttle Discovery. Jim Dutton will serve as the pilot. Mission Specialists are Rick Mastracchio, Clay Anderson, Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, Stephanie Wilson and Naoko Yamazaki of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Discovery will deliver a multi-purpose logistics module filled with science racks to be transferred to laboratories on the International Space Station. The mission will feature three spacewalks.

Mastracchio and Anderson will conduct three six-and-a-half-hour-long spacewalks on flight days 5, 7 and 9 to replace an ammonia tank assembly, retrieve a Japanese experiment from the station’s exterior and switch out a rate gyro assembly on the S0 element of the station’s truss.

STS-131 is the 33rd shuttle mission to the station.

USF1 team ends the great American dream of formula one

The employees of the USF1 team were in for a shock when they checked their official email IDs last week. Now this is all unconfirmed news but has been broken by the who’s who of formula one news. the rumour is the USF1 team boss Ken Anderson has emailed all of his USF1 staff and let them know that they are being permanently laid off.

Apparently Peter Windsor has also abandoned ship. The contention is that if the project restarts again then the staff could be rehired for the team. Already the FIA seems to be contemplating action against the team after it was unable to product its cars for the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix.

The full contents of the email arent there yet, but apparently it had references to the economic slowdown and the downturn in the economy. Quoting from the alleged email, the decision was made due to “serious economic and funding challenges”.

There are reports that some employees have even filed cases for unpaid salaries and wages for the work done.

Here is hoping that the team is able to sort out finances and is able to come forward for the 2011 formula one season.

Most Unpaid Internships Are Illegal

A piece about internships in yesterday’s New York Times has been making the rounds, and it’s worth a peek for all animation students. It explains how most internships violate federal law and the government is beginning to crack down on employers who take advantage of free labor. Unpaid internships in New York’s non-union animation scene are particularly notorious; most studios (big and small) have at least a couple interns and certain ones have been known to employ generous numbers of unpaid interns simultaneously. No wonder then that the Times article calls out a local animation studio:

At Little Airplane, a Manhattan children’s film company, an N.Y.U. student who hoped to work in animation during her unpaid internship said she was instead assigned to the facilities department and ordered to wipe the door handles each day to minimize the spread of swine flu. Tone Thyne, a senior producer at Little Airplane, said its internships were usually highly educational and often led to good jobs.

From an economic viewpoint, unpaid interns make perfect sense for companies, but from an ethical viewpoint, it’s questionable behavior (and from the government’s point of view, it’s illegal). When I was looking to hire a personal assistant, a number of friends and associates advised me to offer the position as an unpaid internship. Despite the appeal of such an idea (who doesn’t like to save money?), I declined and opted to hire an assistant with an hourly wage. I’ve also been on the other side; when I was a kid, I found experience as an unpaid intern. Looking back on it, I regret my youthful naivete. Bottomline: if you’re doing the work, you deserve to be compensated. People like to villainize Walt Disney for paying his employees meager wages in the 1930s, but what they forget is that he paid even the lowliest of the traffic boys, which is more than can be said for many stingy contemporary animation shops that ride on the backs of free labor.

If you’ve got stories, positive or negative, about your experiences with animation internships, please share them with the rest of us. A similar take on internships can be found on the blog of Richard O’Connor, who is a co-owner of Asterisk studio in New York. He writes that at Asterisk, “We pay everybody (unless you’re working for school credit). In part because that’s the law, in part because we’re profiting (in theory) from a worker’s contributions.”


Two Dems get their first taste of the ObamaCare backlash

BY Clifton B
Two Democratic House Reps from New Hampshire are the first to feel the backlash for voting for ObamaCare. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and Rep. Paul Hodes met with their constituents during Easter recess and lets just say things were not peachy keen.

From Politico: At a senior center in Manchester Wednesday, one woman turned away when Hodes offered his outstretched hand for an introduction.
"I don't want to shake your hand. You voted for health care, so just go," snapped Carmen Guimond, as she refocused on her lunch of roast beef and mashed potatoes and waved him on.
When Hodes decided to stay at the table and launch a defense of what's considered to be one of the more popular provisions of the law — closing the "donut hole," a gap in prescription drug coverage for Medicare recipients — she challenged whether he had read the entire bill and dismissed his explanation.
"Two hundred and forty dollars in the first year. That's all it is," she said, referring to the initial subsidy. "That's not much."
"And over time, by 2020, it closes the donut hole," Hodes explained.
"We'll all be dead by then," she deadpanned.

Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark! How did Carol Shea-Porter do? Not much better.

For her part, at back-to-back town hall meetings in Bedford and Merrimack, Shea-Porter faced consistent boos, heckles and catcalls after almost every point she rattled off in defense of her vote.
Despite an effort to accommodate questions from the raucous crowds with a ticketed lottery system and a two-minute time limit for speakers, the congresswoman got little credit from the audience. If anything, it gave her opponents fresh ammunition.
"Why can't we ask a question?" yelled one man, objecting to a format that randomly selected numbers out of a tub of tickets to choose questioners.

"Are you a princess or a representative?" chastised another woman.

Many Democrats are counting on the public warming up to ObamaCare now that it is law. They feel if they just sell the immediate benefits that the public will come around. Unfortunately, the latest polls indicate that the public is still opposed.

If these two reps in a liberal area like New Hampshire are feeling the heat, you can just imagine what the blue dogs will have to endure. I cannot wait to see the town halls during summer recess.

Israel Threatens to Escalate Attacks on Gaza

Israeli Defense Forces struck the Palestinian area in Gaza on April 1, 2010.
Originally uploaded by Pan-African News Wire File Photos

Israel Threatens To Escalate Attacks On Gaza

Israel has warned a widescale military operation against Gaza could follow a string of air strikes, which injured three Palestinian children.

The strikes, on the western part of Gaza City, came in response to rocket attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza into southern Israel.

Foreign Office sources expressed concern at the threat of intensifying hostilities and urged the two sides to show restraint.

Sky News Middle East correspondent Dominic Waghorn said the violence reflected a steady increase in tension in the region.

Almost 20 rockets were fired out of Gaza last month, one of them killing a Thai farm worker in southern Israel," Waghorn said.

Two Israeli soldiers were killed in a border clash a week ago, and there were air strikes overnight.

Now Israel's deputy prime minister Silvan Shalom is threatening an escalation in Israeli military activity if the rocket fire does not stop."

Hamas claims it has been trying to restrain the rocket fire among its own militants and other groups.

Israel said whether or not that is true, it still holds Hamas responsible for peace in the strip.

The latest air strikes were launched against Hamas targets, Waghorn said.

Hospital officials said the Israeli aircraft left three Palestinian children wounded by flying glass.

Witnesses and Hamas officials claimed air strikes blew up two caravans near the town of Khan Younis, while another missile was reported to have hit a cheese factory in Gaza City, setting it on fire.

Helicopters struck twice in the central refugee camp of Nusseirat, destroying a metal foundry.

An Israeli military spokesman said the attacks targeted two weapons-manufacturing plants and two arms caches.

An Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip early last year was designed to counter Hamas rocket attacks.

Sources at the Foreign Office said: "We are concerned by today's strikes and the escalation of violence in Gaza and Southern Israel over the past week. We call on all parties to show restraint.

We encourage Israelis and Palestinians to focus efforts on negotiation and to engage urgently in US-backed proximity talks."

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Michael Jackson doc claims singer killed himself

Dr Conrad Murray will claim in court that Michael Jackson administered a deadly dose of Propofol himself.

The doc, who was with Jackson when he died and is being charged with manslaughter, will defend himself against the accusations with the idea that Jackson self-administered the fatal does of the powerful anesthetic.

Here's how Murray will report it went down:

Murray gave Jackson a small does of Propofol at 10:50 am which, combined with the Ativan and Versed Jackson had already taken, put the pop star to sleep. Murray stayed in the room for an hour talking on the phone -- he claims Jackson liked to sleep in a room with activity -- and at noon left the room for only about two minutes.

Conrad said when he came back Jackson was laying with his eyes open and pupils dilated.

Murray believes Jackson suddenly waked and self-injected the remaining Propofol through the IV, causing the massive overdose that led to cardiac arrest. The doc will use a key piece of evidence to prove his point: the fact that the empty bottle of Propofol was found underneath the nightstand next to the bed. Murray will say that if he administered the deadly dose he would have removed and hidden the extra bottle.

Murray did not tell EMTs or ER staff that he gave Jackson Propofol. According to Jackson bodyguard Alberto Alvarez, Murray stopped CPR to hide drug bottles.

Murray's trial is slated to begin Monday, April 5.

Police: 4 blasts near US Consulate in NW Pakistan

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Four bombs exploded in quick succession Monday close to the U.S. Consulate in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar, police and witnesses said.

Gunfire was also heard close to the heavily guarded and fortified building in Peshawar, said police officer Aziz Khan.

Two of the blasts took place around 20 yards (meters) from the main entrance to the building, an Associated Press reporter close to the scene said.

The U.S. Embassy in Islamabad said it could not comment.

Local TV footage showed soldiers taking up defensive positions on the road outside the consulate. One soldier hit the ground in the middle of the road and began firing as a large explosion sent up a plume of gray smoke nearby.

Rescue workers carried at least one wounded man away on a stretcher, his clothing soaked with blood.

Why Eagles Will Regret Trading McNabb to Redskins

So it’s official: The Philadelphia Eagles have traded their marquee QB Donovan McNabb to division rival Washington Redskins, which in turn has left the football community dumbfounded and already kicked-off the coming excitement of the 2010 NFL season.

Growing up in the Philly region, I was naturally programmed to become a fan of the Phillies, Sixers, Flyers and Eagles. Throughout much of my life, as with many fans in the area, it was tough cheering for the home team.

Yes, the Eagles at one time had guys like Cunningham and White, but victory always eluded them until Donovan McNabb came to town.

It’s been a love, hate, love relationship with McNabb since day one. We all know that Eagles fateful booed him on draft day because they wanted Rickey Williams. So, how did that work out? And, despite taking the team to five NFC championships and one Super Bowl appearance, it wasn’t enough for the organization and fans.

Let’s look at those all important stats and records.

NFL records
Most consecutive pass completions, 24; vs New York Giants, Nov. 28, 2004; vs Green Bay Packers, Dec. 5, 2004
Least-intercepted quarterback per pass attempt of all time, (4588 attempts-96 interceptions, 2.09%)
Second-best touchdown-to-interception ratio of all time, (209-96, 2.18) behind Tom Brady (217-92, 2.36)
First NFL Quarterback ever to throw for more than 30 touchdowns and fewer than 10 interceptions (2004)
One of six quarterbacks of all time to have over 25,000 passing yards and 3,000 rushing yards (alongside Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, Fran Tarkenton, Steve McNair, and John Elway)
Currently the third-highest winning percentage among active quarterbacks (83-45-1, .647) behind Peyton Manning (119-59-0, .669) and Tom Brady (88-25-0, .779)

Eagles records
Most Career Attempts (4,303)
Most Pass Completions (2534)
Most Passing Yards (29,320)
Most Passing Touchdowns (203)
Most Single-Season Completions (345, 2008 season)
Most Single-Season Yards (3,916, 2008 season)
Most NFC Championship Appearances (5)
Wow, he IS garbage, especially considering that Andy Reid insists on passing a majority of the time to forgettable receivers. Look at those records again.


OK, being a rational person, I can understand some issues that fans may have, like McNabb not having enough heart, choking during the big games, and getting older.

Well, here’s my rant…Do any of you remember that game against the Cardinals in 2002 when he played with a broken ankle?

That’s a player with heart.
Imagine what he could have done with a power back and decent receivers. I’m not going to knock any elite QB’s out there, but Peyton and Brady, for example, had the right supporting cast. The year McNabb did have a receiver, you know that abbreviation T.O., the Eagles went to the Super Bowl.

Even Hall of Famers, like Dan Marino and Jim Kelly, didn’t capture the Lombardi Trophy. But, did the Fin and Bills fans blame them? Of course not. It’s a team effort.

If McNabb isn’t having a great game, the defense needs to step up. They didn’t do it last year in those back to back loses against the Cowboys. They didn’t do it against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. But, how quick you forget that it was Donovan McNabb that came back in the second half and brought the Eagles within reach of a Super Bowl victory.

Alright, so it’s a business decision because he’s getting older, since he’s 33 years old.

Does anyone not remember that John Elway was 37 years old when he won his first Super Bowl. Oh yeah, he won another one a year after. Do I even need to mention what the recently retired Kurt Warner did with the Cardinals in his late 30’s? And, how about that 40 year old Brett Favre taking the Vikings to the NFC Championship last year?

Alright, how about more of a peer?

There’s this guy on the Colts named Peyton Manning, maybe you’ve heard of him? It turns out that Peyton is 34, and, was drafted a year before McNabb. Do the Colts, or their fans, even remotely consider getting rid of him? Do they even worry about his age?

Like Manning, McNabb still has some gas left in the tank.

Just when the Eagles are giving McNabb the weapons that he’s needed throughout his career, they’re going to ship him off and go with an unproven starter.

Yes. Most of knew that someday, Kevin Kolb could/would become the starter in Philly. He did have two great games last year, but will he do that game in and game out?

Remember, Philly always did a great job with rallying the troops when Donovan was injured. But, would you really have wanted Koy Detmer, A.J. Feeley of Jeff Garcia taking over? My point is, why take to risk when you have the real deal.

Let me just ask all of you this final question…

Can you name at least 10 current QB’s better than McNabb? Any other NFL team. Any other fanbase. Would be honored by having Donovan McNabb on their rooster. For as much as I love the passion, and harshness, of Philly fans, this time they got it wrong.

Ultimately, the fans wishes came true. McNabb has been traded Redskins.

Saying this as an Eagles fan, I want him to succeed with the ‘Skins. I want him to win a Super Bowl in Washington. I want the Delaware River to flood the coastlines with the tears of whining Philly fans when it happens too.

Because, as the old saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.