Sunday, May 23, 2010

Black Males – An Endangered Species

by Kenny Anderson

*This article is an excerpt from Mr. Anderson’s book, ‘Targets of Oppression: Speech Essays On The Crisis of Black Men in America’.

In his book, “The Myth of Male Power”, popular male issues author, Warren Farrell states: “The Black man is sometimes called an endan­gered species but receives little of the protection an endangered species is normally accorded.”

As Black males, we need to seriously reflect on the words endangered species’ that many social analysts are using to describe our peril in America. When I think of the words ‘endangered species’, I immediately think of a life form that is facing extinction. When I think of an endangered species, the spotted owl comes to mind.

Many social analysts have looked at the quality of life data on Black men, concluding our future looks bleak. Many economists refer to Black men as be­coming economically obsolete in America due to domestic immigrant workers and international cheap labor.

The two words ‘endangered’ and ‘obsolete’ are powerful, grim terms de­scribing our fate. According to a report of the National Criminal Justice Commis­sion on Imprisonment and Race; if current incarceration rates continue, by the year 2020 - 63.3% of all Black men in the U.S. ages 18-34 will be behind bars.

The fact that so many Black men end up jobless or in prison is not sur­prising to scholars like Jewelle Taylor-Gibbs; for her, Black males in America are ‘at-risk’ from inception:

“Black males are endangered even before they are born, since male fetuses are more likely to spontaneously abort; this vulnerability character­izes their health and mental health for the rest of their lives, particularly during adolescence and young adulthood. If Black males survive the high infant mortality rates, which are nearly double the rates for white infants, they are more likely to ex­perience problems associated with low birth weight and lack of preventative health care. They are less likely to be immunized against infectious childhood diseases such as diphtheria, polio, measles, rubella, and mumps. They are more likely to have chronic illnesses and higher rates of psychological or behavioral problems. They are less likely to have access to regular medical and dental care. They are more likely to suffer from poor nutrition and related health problems. And most tragic of all statistics, they are more likely to die before age 20 than any other sex-age group.”

Indeed, from birth too many Black males lives are in jeopardy. From my perspective, psychologically speaking, most Black males are socialized with en­dangering traits, which results in self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors that compounds the external racial oppression that jeopardizes their lives.

As a social work psychotherapist, who has provided behavioral prevention and intervention services to at-risk Black male youth for over 20 years, I’ve wit­nessed first hand the negative consequences of these jeopardizing traits. I’ve seen too many young Black males become teen fathers, under-achieve, drop out of school, use drugs, engage in criminal activities, end up dead, or incarcerated.

Based on the ‘psychological insights’ from my own socialization as a Black man and from my counseling experiences with young Black males, I’ve identified several jeopardizing traits that I define as the ‘S-Traits Syndrome’ (STS); words beginning with the letter S which provide psycho-analytical insights.

The S-Traits Syndrome is a group of socialized symptoms, self-limiting character traits that make up most Black males’ personalities. For time’s sake, there are nine S-Traits Syndrome terms, I will mention all of them, but I’ll only ad­dress three in some detail; the terms are:
1.Slickness (manipulation)

2.Stud (womanizing, sexual conquests)

3.Substance Abusing (using and selling drugs)

4.Sportsmen (jock mentality)

5.Styling (preoccupation with obtaining expensive vehicles, clothes, shoes, and jewelry)

6.Smoothness (cool pose; masking and posturing)

7.Silliness (comedian attitude)

8.Sensationalizing (fantasy thinking, exaggeration)

9.Set-tripping (Gangs, promoting sectarian violence)

From this list and from my experience and perspective, sportsmen, silli­ness, and sensationalizing have the greatest detrimental effects on adolescent Black males.

9 Schools Have Suspended 50% Of Black Boys

More Options Needed Than Suspension, Says Vandy Psychologist

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Metro School Board calls the numbers troublesome but true: Nine Metro middle schools have suspended more than half of all the black boys in the schools.

In some cases, only black boys have been barred from the buildings for causing problems, and regardless of a school's racial balance, it seems it is the group suspended most often.

"We're talking about 9-, 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds," said Vanderbilt University psychologist and human development specialist Maury Nation, who has worked closely with some of the suspension-prone schools for the past year.

At Jere Baxter and W.A. Bass middle schools, more than 60 percent of the black boys and almost 50 percent of white boys have been suspended, thrown out at least once, according to the U.S. Department of Education, as reported by Metro.

JT Moore said it has suspended 58 percent of African-American boys, but just 10 percent of its white males. It's a similar gap at Bellevue: 58 percent suspension among black boys, and 13 percent of white males, according to the Education Department.

The federal statistics don't include why a child is suspended, just how many were suspended.

Metro is required to send these numbers -- from 2006-2007, the most recent at the federal level -- to the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.

"That's a terrible track record," said attorney Larry Woods, who is suing the school system over inadequate textbooks and resources.
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Has Reality TV Become Black Women's Enemy?

From ''The Real Housewives of Atlanta'' to ''What Chilli Wants,'' these days, reality TV is fixated on black women. But only when we act the fool.

Remember the ''real'' housewife named Sheree? Whose only claim to fame is that she was once married to a professional football player? Remember how she yanked housewife Kim's blond wig and called her white trash outside of a fashionable Atlanta restaurant? (Kim, the sole Caucasian Atlanta ''housewife'' whose married lover's checks allows her to pay $3,000 on a regular basis to get the fat rolled from her thighs.)

Across the reality-television spectrum, there have always been women like Sheree and her ''friends'' on Bravo TV's The Real Housewives of Atlanta: catty, materialistic, self-absorbed. But are television executives really only interested in black women when we're acting a fool? And more importantly, are we really only interested in seeing ourselves portrayed in this light?

Apparently so: Last month, VH1 dominated the list of top 25 cable shows in black households for reality original programming, returning with the all new Basketball Wives ranked at No. 5. (Like Housewives and Tiny & Toya, the show features ex-girlfriends and wives trying to make names for themselves on the heels of relationships with famous men.) What Chili Wants followed in popularity at No. 7, and Brandy & Ray J came in at No. 11. Executives say that their channel has had a 9 percent increase in black women prime-time viewers ages 18-49 in this past year alone with the success of their reality shows.

TV One also made its first showing on the top 25 list for original programming last month when LisaRaye: The Real McCoy came in at No. 16 and delivered the biggest audience in the network's six-year history. (TV One will roll out two more original reality shows in 2010: one starring reality-show villain Omarosa as a bachelorette and the other spotlighting R&B entertainers K-Ci and JoJo as they struggle with sobriety.)

BET's Tiny & Toya has consistently ranked high in black homes--so much so that a new show featuring Toya is in the planning stages for 2011.

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Obama's Commencement Address at West Point (May 22, 2010)

Via: The Australian:

BARACK Obama wants to shape a new “international order” in which the US co-operates with other nations and seeks long-term support by promoting its democratic values.

The US President’s weekend speech to cadets at the West Point military academy was practically a trial run for the national security policy he will announce this week.

Addressing graduates at the same venue he announced a 30,000 US troop increase for the Afghan war six months ago, Mr Obama said: “Yes, we are clear-eyed about the shortfalls of our international system.

“But America has not succeeded by stepping out of the currents of co-operation — we have succeeded by steering those currents in the direction of liberty and justice, so nations thrive by meeting their responsibilities and face consequences when they don’t.”

His comments indicate he has not been dissuaded from his theme of engagement with other nations, including the Muslim world, despite threats to national security from two attempted terror attacks on US territory.

Mr Obama’s doctrine on national security is a marked contrast to the 2002 policy announced by George W. Bush, who endorsed the idea of “pre-emptive war” and a “distinctively American internationalism”. Consistent with his speeches last year to the UN in New York and to Islamic countries in Cairo, the US President is set to officially dump all hint of unilateralism in favour of building partnerships.

” We have to shape an international order that can meet the challenges of our generation,” Mr Obama said. “We will be steadfast in strengthening those old alliances that have served us so well, including those who will serve by our side in Afghanistan and around the globe.”

By Kevin Stromly

Jordan Romero Has Climbed Everest at Only 13 Years Old

by sandy

Jordan Romero, a 13-year-old boy from California, has arranged a fresh record by climbing the best of Mount Everest. Romero has become the youngest to climb the world’s highest mountain. Previously, this record was arranged by a boy from Nepal who was 16 years aged.

Climbing Mt. Everest was component of Jordan Romero’s plan to climb the highest mountains of every one of the seven continents. A fresh post on Jordan Romero’s blog reads that his desire has now arrive true and everybody in his team is extremely happy. The spokesperson of Jordan Romero also told that his team confirmed the accomplishment by means of satellite phone in the summit of world’s highest mountain.

Jordan Romero, a teenager with curly hair, was inspired by a painting hanging in his school which featured the highest peaks of world’s seven continents. In an earlier post on his blog, Jordan Romero talked of his desire and stated that his each and every step was getting him towards the ‘biggest goal’. To stand around the top from the globe, which is.

Nowadays the 13-year-old Jordan Romero has accomplished the greatest goal of his life. A really emotional mother of Jordan Romero mentioned that she is very proud of his son. She watched his son’s progress online by means of reside GPS tracker.

Jordan Romero, 13, was accompanied by his father, his father’s girlfriend, and three guides on his method to the summit. Jordan Romero began his journey from the left of Everest from Chinese side. The method to Everest from China has no age restrict for your climbers, as opposed to Nepal wherever age restrict does exist for your climbers. Jordan Romero registered himself while using Chinese authorities last month.

Jordan Romero can only be interviewed when he returns to the advance base camp, which would take a few more days. Reportedly, the group of Jordan Romero has planned to accomplish one thing special for Romero when he reached the peak but it’s kept secret.

Former MLB pitcher Jose Lima dead at 37

Jose Lima, who spent time with 6 Major League baseball teams has died at the age of 37 today. The cause of death is an apparent heart attack. Lima has not pitched in the majors for quite some time. His last appearance was in 2006 with the New York Mets.
Though Lima was never considered an “ace”, he did have some flashes of brilliance in his career including a 21 win season with the Houston Astros in 1999.
He compiled career totals of an 89-102 record, a 5.26 ERA, and 980 strikeouts.

Sarah Ferguson Accused Of Selling Access To Ex Prince Andrew (VIDEO)

The Duchess of York was busted on video attempting to make money off of her ex-husband Prince Andrew! Read more and see the video of Sarah Ferguson’s negotiations below!

This is pretty low! The Duchess of York and former Weight Watcher’s spokesperson, Sarah Ferguson, was trying to make over $7000,000 at the expense of her ex-husband.

Prince Andrew, who is the second son of Queen Elizabeth and the fourth in line to the throne, had no knowledge of Ferguson’s plan.

Ferguson, 50, said Prince Andrew “never does accept a penny for anything,” before shaking on her dirty deal.

Ferguson’s spokeswoman, Kate Waddington, confirmed the video is real and says the duchess is “devastated” and regretted the embarrassment she had caused.

The New of the World tabloid had two separate meetings in New York and London where Ferguson asked for a $40,000 cash advance followed by 500,000 pounds ($718,500) in a wire transfer for giving access to the royal family.

Ferguson can be seen on the video smoking a cigarette and drinking a glass of red wine with a pile of cash on the table.

A reporter posed as a wealthy businessman wanting trade connections.

“Five hundred thousand pounds when you can, to me – open doors,” Ferguson tells the reporter involved in the sting operation.

“Look after me and he’ll look after you,” she said. “You’ll get it back tenfold. I can open any door you want.”

Ferguson and Prince Andrew have two daughters, Princesses Beatrice, 21, and Eugenie 20. Sarah and Prince Andrew married in 1986 but divorced after ten years of marriage.

Here’s video of the sting operation below: