Mad Men Rolling StoneRolling Stone magazine's special television issue takes readers behind the scenes of AMC's Emmy-winning show 'Mad Men.'

In this season's opening scene, an interviewer asks Jon Hamm's character, "Who is Don Draper?" In a sense, 'Mad Men' is creator Matt Weiner's attempt to figure out this question for himself.

"If Rob Lowe had been cast in the part, it would have been different," says Hamm, on the set in LA. "There was no backstory with me."

"I fly very low on the radar," says Hamm of his celebrity status. "Mark Twain said it: 'I'd rather say nothing and be thought an idiot than open my mouth and remove all doubt.' Another Missouri boy, Mark Twain. The petulant, s**tty movie-star mentality -- that burns out pretty quick."

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