Monday, October 25, 2010

Report: Allen Iverson to Play in Turkey for Besiktas 2 Years for 4 Million Written by: Robert Littal

No one in the NBA was interested in Allen Iverson, so I think this is an excellent move for him.
It is good money in Turkey, he can shoot 100x a game, he will be treated like King (no Lebron) and I think they can have like five or six wives in Turkey so he should be good in that area as well.
Here are the details:
Allen Iverson has agreed in principle to sign an incentive-laden, two-year, $4 million contract with Besiktas of the Turkish professional league, sources told Yahoo! Sports Sunday night.
Iverson plans to sign the contract this week, the sources said, and is expected to report to Besiktas the week of Nov. 1.
Iverson’s contract will give him an opt-out clause after this season. There’s no escape clause during the season for Iverson to leave Turkey and return to the NBA.
Good for A.I., maybe he can meet up with Stephon Marbury in China and get on Ustream (no vaseline).
For someone like Iverson who likes to be the center of attention at all times, he will love being the man in Turkey.
No word on if he got the Villa he was requesting.

RIP Gregory Isaacs, The Cool Ruler

Reggae star Gregory Isaacs has died at the age of 59 at his London home following a long illness, his manager has confirmed.

The prolific Jamaican singer died this morning surrounded by his family.

Isaacs, who was diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago, had been travelling around Jamaica before returning home to London this summer to spend time with his wife, Linda, and his family.

"Gregory was well-loved by everyone, his fans and his family, and he worked really hard to make sure he delivered the music they loved and enjoyed," his wife said. Two classically-trained brothers of a former girlfriend of mine used to play in the penguin-suited brass section of a reggae band that supported Gregory Isaacs on tour a couple of times, so we often used to tag along. Usually accompanied by a now well-known opinionated Mancunian TV personality, who was enjoying relationships with one of the backing singers at the time. I have an incriminating photo of myself, Gregory and said TV personality somewhere. I think I put it within the pages of a book, to keep it safe. And now I can't find it. Jah Bless, Gregory.

Video: Hiccup Girl among 3 arrested for murder ABC Action News

Jennifer Mee, the 19-year-old Florida teen who in 2007 made headlines with her uncontrollable hiccupping, is now making headlines for murder.

Democratic hopeful on Obama backing: 'Shove it'

WASHINGTON — The Democratic candidate for governor in Rhode Island said Monday that President Barack Obama can "shove it" for withholding his endorsement in elections just eight days away.

"He can take his endorsement and really shove it, as far as I'm concerned," Frank Caprio told local WPRO-AM radio, even as Obama was due to visit the small East Coast state for two Democratic party fundraisers and a visit to a factory.

Caprio was running against Republican John Robitaille as well as former Republican Lincoln Chafee, an independent who backed Obama's 2008 presidential bid, in the November 2 ballot.

"I've never asked President Obama for his endorsement. And what's going on here is really Washington insider politics at its worst," complained Caprio.

The White House, which has said it will not endorse a candidate in the race, had no immediate comment.

Defund Public Broadcasting Once and For All

By Bill Wilson
Any pretense that once existed that National Public Radio (NPR) is an objective news outlet open to alternative viewpoints and serving the public interest is gone.
That is why in the wake of NPR’s canning news analyst Juan Williams simply for speaking his mind, Americans for Limited Government (ALG) has launched a national petition calling for an end to taxpayer funding of public broadcasting. Concerned citizens can visit to take part.

Really, this is a long time coming. For too long, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has operated as a front for a radical, left-wing agenda under the guise of providing a public service. As such, ALG has also renewed its call for members of Congress to cosponsor legislation by Representative Doug Lamborn (R-CO) that would defund it permanently.

Lamborn’s legislation got a big boost on October 21st when House Republican Leader in an interview with National Review Online also called for pulling the plug on public broadcasting.
It’s pretty simple. In these dire economic times, with a national debt of over $13.6 trillion, we cannot afford luxuries.

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Economic Consequences of Foreclosure Moratorium Should Take Precedence over Emotional Appeals

By Kevin Mooney
On the surface, it is very easy for readers to sympathize with financially stressed families that may be evicted from their homes. But emotional appeals should not serve as a substitute for reporting on the economic consequences of government intervention that will cost prospective homeowners over the long-term.

News reports that personalize the misfortunes of individuals who have been identified as potential new constituents for the political class make for highly effective yarns. Here the New York Times takes up the case of Nicholle Bradbury, a resident of Denmark, Maine, who cannot keep up her mortgage payments and faces a potential eviction. On the surface, there is good cause for sympathy.

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Forget Obesity, Fight Liberalism

By David Bozeman
With the year winding down, many Americans are now receiving their health insurance renewal packets for 2011 and are reporting, with eye-rolling disgust, higher premiums. Employees and retirees on Medicare and Medicare-supplement plans are seeing, as well, in this age of ObamaCare, greater emphasis on lifestyle and behavioral issues such as obesity, with some information going so far as to define it as a disease.

Nanny-staters frequently gripe that the food choices of the obese and unhealthy drive up the cost of insurance for everyone. New York, of course, has all but banned trans-fats, the Institute of Medicine recommended earlier this year that the FDA limit salt content (a proposal, apparently, still under consideration), and, of course, McDonald’s is facing increased fire from consumer advocacy groups for its Happy Meals targeted at children. Back in New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is suggesting that food stamps not be payable for Coca-Cola and other sugary, fattening sodas.

The latter example may not define Nanny-statism but it reflects a prevailing mindset, and the din of voices calling for individual responsibility in food choices is growing louder (if only the Left invoked individual responsibility in, say, sentencing guidelines and school choice). Yes, the war on obesity targets not just the makers of Twinkies, but the non-exercising, mass-consuming sofa-citizens, as well. Lest they miss anyone, Michelle Obama is taking it to the school children, and some, mostly elderly, Americans know their BMI (body mass index) numbers as well as their Social Security numbers.

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Media Does Hit Job on WikiLeaks Founder After Iraq War Leak

WikiLeaks released some 400,000 classified government documents over the weekend that shed light on many atrocities committed during our nation’s war with Iraq — widespread civilian death, torture and misleading body counts.

Naturally, WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange, has been feeling the heat in the wake of the release — but not from the government, as you might think. No, this time Assange is being smeared by the media, with various “establishment” outlets raising doubts about his mental health status and spreading tabloid-style rumors.
The New York Times has published one notable hit piece on Assange, focused on “every tawdry, scurrilous tabloid rumor about him,” as Slate’s Glenn Greenwald puts it, rather than the shocking facts of the Iraq war documents.
“Erratic and imperious behavior.” “Delusional grandeur.” “Imperious.” “A vendetta against the United States.” “Not in his right mind.” [Times reporter John F.] Burns didn’t even bother to break into Assange’s psychiatrist’s office to smear the whistle-blower as a psychologically ill, America-hating subversive and paranoid narcissist.  He just passed on snide rumors and accusations from disgruntled associates and — presto — the Nixonian smear job is complete.
CNN also did a number on Assange, inviting him to do an interview that Assange thought would be about the WikiLeaks documents, but ended up being all about personal matters. Assange walked out of that interview, and, as The Nation’s Greg Mitchell tweeted, that just put the media into more of a frenzy over his mental state: “Now [CNN's] Kurtz says Julian Assange proved he’s ‘delusional’ by walking off CNN interview because of repeated queries on personal matters.”

Intelligence community reporter Tim Shorrock took to his Twitter feed to astutely contrast Assange’s situation with that of Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers in the early 1970s and was subsequently dragged through the mud by President Nixon and Henry Kissinger: “When Dan Ellsberg leaked [the] Pentagon Papers, Nixon’s henchmen tried to destroy his reputation. Today w/Wikileaks & Assange, media does the job.”

 Posted by Lauren Kelley

BROOKS RIPS NJEA Press Conference: Monday October 25th 1:00PM

Press Conference: Monday October 25th 1:00PM
New Jersey State House Capitol Steps, Trenton, NJ

Trenton, NJ—Darryl M. Brooks, former New Jersey Senate candidate and long time community activist, called today for an immediate investigation into the covering up practices of the NJEA and stonewalling tactics used to protect teachers even after using racial slurs against students.  “This is unacceptable and I demand on behalf of all students and their families that the teacher is publicly identified and immediately banned from all classrooms until the matter is fully investigated,” said Brooks.  Brooks made these demands in light of the release this morning  by of several videos revealing the questionable actions of members of the NJEA.

“The time has come to put party politics aside and put our children first.  I am tired of the pandering we hear every election cycle from our elected officials that we need to improve our education system, while nothing gets done.  We continue to fall further and further behind other nations around the world when it comes to education, our schools continue to crumble, and our children, especially in the inner cities are being shortchanged.  To add insult to injury must we now endure teachers calling students the N word, while the NJEA stands by and does nothing but protect one of their own,” Brooks continued.

“We must take a hard look at what the NJEA stands for, and the cost to the taxpayers.  Are we getting the bang for the buck we deserve?  Property taxes continue to rise, people continue to leave the state, we have a failing education system, yet we are paying for a bloated NJEA bureaucracy whose main concern seems to be protecting tenured teaches.  Something is not adding up,” added Brooks.

Brooks concluded, “The NJEA holds not only our education system hostage but also holds the Democratic Party hostage with promises of delivered votes.  We have reports of voter fraud with the blessing of NJEA officials, we have NJEA employees using racial epitaphs with immunity, and it seems the only thing we ever hear about is how much more money is needed to improve our failing schools.  I say let’s start by doing a top down investigation on the NJEA, see where our tax dollars go, and what real changes can be made in our educational system to make real and long lasting improvements.