Thursday, December 9, 2010

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer

"transformers dark of the moon trailer"
transformers dark of the moon trailer

There we have delightful news for you is Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer released to the internet as officially. Exactly you wonder by it because every one counting days when they can get this awesome movie trailer in to their hands. There every dream comes true and now you can enjoy by it any time. That is absolutely brilliant creation which you never dreamed. This time the story beginning on the Moon. That is awesome thing and you must watch this fantastic movie trailer how ever.

In this Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer there they show the huge and also successful mission is land on the Moon in first time. That is very special incident to the human and every one respect those team who landed on the land of the Moon. There we can see they traveled by a huge space ship and they landed it very carefully and two of the aeronauts walking on the moon. There they delighted and they communicated with the main control center in the earth too. One man saw some strange thing in this zero gravity land and they hurried to discover it.

There those two aeronauts in this Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer reached ledge of a small mountain and they were unbelievable by that they saw. There is a giant space ship crashed there and that is huge ship which enhanced their curious to examine it. There fore those aeronauts entered in to that strange ship and there are so many machines and some kind of huge faces which made by iron in there. Every thing buried in to the sand and them going to inside this ship. That is very curious movie trailer and hope you will never miss it.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer

Sub-rationalists in Communist China cannot face reality of Liu Xiaobo winning the Nobel Peace Prize for 2010…..

by Biko Lang

It would have been nice if Taiwan could have sent a small bipartisan delegation of politicians and academics from both the DPP and the KMT to attend the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo this week. With China putting its head in the sand once again and refusing to face reality, the world is left wondering: just what makes Beijing tick?

As some of the WikiLeaks cables have confirmed what many old China hands always knew, many of Chinese Communist Party’s leaders act in a “sub-rational” manner when confronted with thorny issues like Taiwan’s sovereignty or Liu Xiabo’s Nobel Peace Prize.

In a move that rattled Beijing sub-rationalists again, the U.S. House of Representatives stood up for the values of freedom and democracy last week with a bipartisan resolution honoring imprisoned Chinese activist Liu, Nobel laureate.

Earlier in the year, in February, a group of American lawmakers nominated Liu and two other Chinese activists for Nobel Peace Prize consideration, noting in a public letter that “few governments have the courage to brave the Chinese government’s displeasure and honor them.”

The Nobel committee did honor Liu, and what an honor it is!

While China’s new Nobel laureate remains behinds bars and cannot attend the Nobel ceremony in Oslo this weekend, with his wife under house arrest and forbidden to fly to Norway to accept the prestigious award for him, a large part of the world will be celebrating his award. Not present in Oslo, Liu was nevertheless there as a potent symbol. Invisible outside his prison cell, he was very visible in the halls of freedom.

Freedom is borderless, and someday it will come to China, too, That’s exactly what the rulers in Beijing are afraid of.

The announcement earlier in the fall that Liu had bagged a Nobel this year sparked ominous warnings from China that countries who recognized his achievement would have to “take responsibility for the consequences.” Apparently, this was a stern warning from Uncle Hu to the U.S,, France, Germany, Britain, Australia, Japan and, yes, Taiwan.

But the U.S. House resolution pressed forward and lauded Liu for his human-rights activism, honoring him for his “promotion of democratic reform in China, and the courage with which he has bore repeated imprisonment by the government of China.”

Former U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was to attend the Oslo shindig on behalf of her nation, had previously written to Hu Jintao in May 2009 asking for the release of “prisoners of conscience” including Liu Xiaobo.

Pelosi has always had heart. In 1991, a much-younger but always-idealistic Nancy Pelosi had secretly unfurled a banner in Tiananmen Square dedicated “To those who died for democracy [in 1989] in China.”
Liu, it seems, is a hero everywhere but in China.

The U.S. effort to honor Liu and call out China attracted support from both sides of the political aisle in Washington, with both Democrats and Republicans getting behind the bill.

One supporter of the bill said that the bipartisan support reflected the fact that “there’s been a growing understanding among members on both sides of the aisle that this dictatorship is a growing threat to local stability but also to the world. We can’t give the Chinese dictatorship a pass any longer on human-rights abuse,”

So wouldn’t it be nice if Taiwan could have sent a bipartisan delegation of both DPP and KMT leaders to Oslo to honor Liu? Maybe next time.

California Reveals Its Drug Dealer

In the latest episode in one of the more bizarre story arcs of America’s death penalty, on Monday the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation revealed (under court order) that the source of their mysterious supply of lethal injection drugs was Archimedes Pharma, the same British firm that supplied the drugs Arizona used to execute Jeffrey Landrigan. They also revealed that they paid over $36,000 to a wholesaler for a massive stockpile of the drug.

But let’s back up – like any good drama, you can’t jump in mid-season. So here’s the recap: Every death penalty state in the U.S. uses sodium thiopental to kill people and only one company in the U.S. actually makes it, Illinois-based Hospira, Inc. Earlier this year, supply problems led to a shortage, with Hospira saying they were out until early 2011 and states’ stockpiles nearing expiration. The machinery of death almost ground to a halt, with some states putting executions on hold, but others tried to change the law to allow other sorts of lethal injection drugs, or to enable them to get the drugs from other states and even foreign suppliers not approved by the FDA.

Naturally, importing lethal poison for the purpose of capital punishment could raise some eyebrows, so it’s not too surprising that states did everything they could to keep it from the public. Oversight from the people can be problematic, after all. Corrections officials in Texas tried (unsuccessfully) to have the information deemed a state secret, and today remain in violation of an order from the state Attorney General by refusing to disclose their supplier. In a glaring example of big government judicial activism, Arizona actually got the Supreme Court to essentially sign off on its program of secrecy, paving the way for the state to kill Jeffrey Landrigan using drugs from an undisclosed source.

Brooklyn, NY - Bloomberg Calls for Action on Jobs Fuels Rumors of Presidential Run

Brooklyn, NY - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has criticized the White House, Congress and state leaders for what he calls failed attempts at job creation.

The billionaire mayor delivered a campaign-style speech in Brooklyn on Wednesday. He said leaders at the federal and state levels are just kicking the can down the road and allowing the nation to fall behind.

He said the concept of success is unfairly vilified.

Bloomberg offered vague ideas for ways to get more Americans working, including immigration reform and promoting trade more effectively.

The Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent is occasionally mentioned as a long-shot presidential candidate.

Aretha Franklin Reported to Have Pancreatic Cancer

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, was reported to be suffering from pancreatic cancer, the Detroit News has said. A Fox television staion in Detroit, also sites a close relative a the source.

Franklin, 68, underwent a mysterious surgery last Thursday at a Detroit hospital for an undisclosed condition.

Publicists for the singer, who has canceled all her appearances through May 2011, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Prayer circle forming, now!

Source: ABC News