Wednesday, January 12, 2011

California dreaming—or nightmaring?

By John Nichols

Attention Delaware drivers. Effective with model year 2014, all new vehicles sold in Delaware shall comply with California emissions standards. Delaware standards are no longer sufficient. New “green” standards make First State emission rules more stringent than even Federal regulations.

Thus spoke Delaware Secretary of Natural Resource and Environmental Control Colin O’Mara, in issuing his December 11, 2010 Order No. 2010-A-0039, amending Title 7 of the Delaware Administrative Code.

The new program will bring “considerable benefits to human health and the environment,” asserts a news release issued by Secretary O’Mara, a self proclaimed “energy entrepreneur” from California. However, since current model year cars already emit 95 percent fewer emissions than their 1970 predecessors, actual health and environmental improvements are likely to be minimal.

Thus an additional justification for the edict is the claim that it will protect planet Earth against “dangerous global warming.” That is equally dubious.
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