Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Greater Trenton Tea Party On The Arizona Shooting

Daryl Mikell Brooks, President
On this sad occasion, our prayers and condolences go out to the families of those victims who were slain at the Arizona shooting including Federal Judge John Roll.

We also hope and pray for the full and speedy recovery for Representative Gabrielle Giffords and the others who were wounded in this senseless rampage.

When the deranged gunman assaulted Representative Giffords, she was doing just what our elected representatives are supposed to be doing.  She was meeting her constituents, hearing their concerns and explaining her positions.

The Tea Party welcomes vigorous public discourse and spirited debate of the issues that challenge Americans.  We advocate for limited government and fiscal restraint through education, public assembly and the ballot box.  We support and defend the rights of all Americans to speak their minds whether we agree with them or not.  We condemn and abhor those who resort to violence, bloodshed and intimidation as a means to achieve social and political change.

We wish the law enforcement authorities all success in bring the perpetrator or perpetrators of this atrocity to justice.  As for the shooter and his co-conspirators, if there be any, we hope that they come to terms with the forgiving God.

As the “last best hope for the world” America will always face hard choices and challenges.  Let all of us who contest policy in the public forum remember that beyond ideology, beyond party loyalty we are all Americans and that we are all brothers and sisters, children of the Creator.  Let us agree to disagree civilly and to treat one another, particularly our opponents, with all due love and respect.

Daryl Mikell Brooks, President of The Greater Trenton Tea Party

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