Thursday, January 6, 2011

Millard South High School Shooter was Robert Butler

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Robert Butler Jr (photo above) is identified as the Millard South High School shooter. Robert Butler shot and injured Vicki Kaspar and Principal Curtis Chase during a violent rampage today. But why?

Butler was the son of Omaha Police Detective Robert Butler Sr. Robert Jr. transferred to Millard South just last October. Today, he shot two employees of the school, one identified as Millard South Principal Curtis Chase.

Butler’s former Principal, Principal Rob Slauson of Lincoln Southwest High School, said Butler was a normal and popular student. Tonight, parents and fellow students have few answers as to what went wrong for Butler.

Slauson told news late today that he and members of his faculty are shocked. Slauson said no one saw any warning signs from Butler. Tonight Kaspar is in critical condition; Case is in stable but serious condition.

As broke earlier on LALATE, the terror erupted during midday Wednesday. Case came running into the school cafeteria screaming for students to get into the kitchen and lock the doors. It remains unclear if Case was shot before or after that warning.

The school went onto lockdown. Emergency voice mail recordings were dispatched to parents. Soon after, Case and Kaspar were shot.

Butler fled the scene in a red Honda. He later parked and killed himself. Butler’s family has yet to comment about the matter.

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