Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Montel Williams Busted With Marijuana Pipe

Considering he’s an open supporter (and user) of medical marijuana, we’re not shocked to learn that Montel Williams was found with a marijuana pipe at a Milwaukee airport yesterday. Frankly, if we had to go to Milwaukee, we’d want to be ripped too. What’s cheesing us off is how the cops found his pipe: he set off a metal detector in the security line. Dude! Do not put a metal pipe in your carry-on luggage! Your fellow fliers don’t need has-been talk show hosts stalling the line and wasting the precious time they’d otherwise spend in a Cinnabon.

Since the pipe was residue free (lame), Montel was let go with a $484 citation. But considering the guy’s pipe held up another line at Detroit Metro a few years back, we’re strongly pushing for a three strikes rule. Check your s— or go Bolt Bus, Montel.
[Photo: Getty Images]

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