Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mr “Baby Wipes” takes over full time on Law & Order:Los Angeles

That’s right folks, Mr Baby Wipes himself (remember that deathless quote by him and how he likes his women???) Terrance Howard, he of the whimpering cry baby voice, will now take over full time on the revamped NBC L& O spin-off series Law & Order: Los Angeles.

Following my recent post about upcoming cast departures on the show including Regina Hall, in the new version of the show which will begin in February  Alfred Molina, who plays D.D.A Ricardo Morales, will be moved over to a new role on the show. It will be revealed that his character was on the LAPD detective for 15 years and frustrated frustration as a prosecutor decided to return to the police force as a partner with TJ Jaruszalski (Corey Stoll).

As a result Howard, whose D.D. A character, alternated on separate episodes with Molina’s Morales, will now be the sole D.D.A. on the show. Therefore now Howard and Molina will both appear in each episode. Having one D.D.A. was creator’s Dick Wolf’s original plan for the show but when he was able to land both Howard and Molina, he split the duties between the two. However, he had been looking for a way to have both of them on the show full-time and now he’s done it.

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