Monday, January 3, 2011

North and South Korea ponder nuclear war as China finally steps up

Don't worry they tell me! Q&A: Inter-Korean crisis and South Korea's instigation in pictures
I have to rethink the supposed sinking of South Korea's ship and which country is really doing the instigating

Q&A: Inter-Korean crisis

North Korea Says US, South Korea Drill 'Inviting Nuclear War' North Korea said the US and South Korea are “inviting a nuclear war” by conducting military drills, even as a Seoul-based think tank predicted that Kim Jong Il's regime may hold another atomic test next year.
North Korea nuclear test 'possible' in new year They have conducted nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009 and want to show off for the new leader but have yet to prove they have a way to deliver a nuclear weapon. If China does not continue to come through for these North Korean mad men I think they have as much to worry about as South Korea.

At the brink China has finally stepped up to diffuse this mess at their door It's about time!

Recap: Supposedly this crisis started when on the evening of 26 March, the Cheonan, a South Korean warship, was sailing off Baengnyeong island close to the disputed maritime border when an explosion split it in two. Fifty-eight sailors managed to escape but 46 were killed. Now I am really wondering who did it knowing how we lied about TonKin to start the Vietnam war and tried it in the Gulf to instigate war with Iran. Gulf of Tonkin wikipedia

We forget history but China does not. They remember the Korean war that they fought too and the fact that General MacArthur wanted to take China too. To bad he didn't! Yes, Beijing has been using North Korean belligerence in order to keep us off their door step. They have also for a long while been abusing their increasing financial and military strength. Yes in the past we too did it but that time must be over if we are to move successfully through the 21st century.Time to diffuse this!

China said nothing while the rest of the world freaked out and they are building aircraft carriers to project their power in Asia and around the world. China's real role here is her goal to keep Democracy off her doorstep and the Kim regime in power because they will remain a puppet whose strings China can pull. Kim Jong Il said he was committed to establishing "a lasting peace system" on the Korean peninsula and to making it nuclear-free "through dialogue and negotiations" a lasting peace system, what is that? donations of food and supplies from us while he maintains his 7 million man army for China and continues to toy with advanced weapons and starve its people?

In the end I don't care what they say. This is a confrontation long in the works and only China can diffuse it. MacArthur was right wanting to go right through North Korea then China back than because it would eventually have to be done. There is a lot behind the scenes to be concerned with here and yes China is our banker but they have been overstepping their boundaries. We owe them trillions but with Russia's cooperation we can come out on top here and I have to believe China agrees. I fully expect we would and in the end being victors we would cancel our debt to China!

I have had those that point out Russia and the US will never join against China because of Russia and China's connection in the Shanghai cooperation but don't forget China is also connected with South Korea and Japan and look what that's worth. Dmitri Medvedev realizes as I do that Russia and the US need each other and our close relationship is critical to both of us proceeding successfully through the 21st century. That relationship in the end could be our saving grace.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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