Thursday, January 13, 2011

N.Y. Times: Is Law School a Losing Game?

The New York Times has an thought-provoking article that any person thinking of law school should read. It sheds a bright light on the often unspoken recogniton by many lawyers that there are far too many law schools graduating lawyers that will not be able to get legal jobs or ever earn enough to pay back their debts.
I recently spoke at a Maine Bar Association meeting for new lawyers (generally those having graduated within the last year) and asked those attending how many were unemployed and looking for work. Over half put up their hands.

I agree with the article that it should be more widely talked about that obtaining a law degree will not necessarily (or even likely for a majority of graduates) lead to a high paying job. In addition, there’s a relatively good chance that you won’t like what you’re doing as a lawyer once you get a job.

College graduates thinking about law school need to be appraised of the real facts. The N.Y. Times article is a good first step.
Caveat emptor.

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