Monday, February 14, 2011

CPAC Conference By:Delonte Harrod

Daryl Mikell Brooks and
Hon. Newt Gingrich

February 10th  was the beginning of CPAC.  Conservatives from all over the nation came to Washington DC, Marriott Hotel to spur one another on. The CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) is a self-explanatory conference for, drum roll please…… conservative Politicians, Activists and Journalists. Over the last couple of years many have gathered to talk about political issues and to encourage each other in the philosophy of conservatism.
                The conference consisted of well known main-stream conservative speakers such as Michelle Bachman, Paul Ryan, Ron and Rand Paul, Donald Rumsfield, and newly, self-appointed conservative Donald Trump. In addtition, there were conservative organizations, media, and authors present. Media outlets setup booths for job opportunities making avaible jobs for young conservative college students looking to break into media. Some media outlets like the World Journalism Institute, a Christian organization that trains young Christians how to be journalism offered workshops to students.  Media outlets like PJTV (Pajama Television) a video blog and Human Event campured onsite interviews with participates as well as public servants.
Daryl Mikell Brooks and
Hon. Tim Pawlenty
                The event swarmed with young idealist republicans, libertarians and Tea Partiers. These will be the next generation of vibrant young leaders taken on the mantle of conservative principles. It was amazing to see their energy for the cause; sometimes demonstrating more vigor and energy for the current issues than the veterans. The reason for the attendance of some young people was not monolithic. Some came for jobs, some to rally fellow college students to the cause, and some for the current conservative super stars. Alex, a college student from Washington College, Maryland Eastern Shore, mentioned that she is a member of a college group only for Republicans. She mentioned that she was there because of her parents, “my parents inspired me to be a republican, my parents are small business owners and I have seen them be affected by our current economy.” She goes on, “they taught me to work hard for everything and I appreciate that.” She also mentions, beaming with ethusiasim for conservative opinionist, Glenn Beck. “I would marry Glenn Beck”, she quoted over and over. There were also some having heated discussions about how financially conservative the government should be; a microcosim of the macro version of the Republican verses Tea Party debate.
                The usual rhetoric was spewed across the Republican and Tea Party pulpit, “smaller government, cut spending and Obama is a socialist” all in the same breathe.  Crowds cheered, as speakers all seemed unified with one voice and I suspect the same message will take the conservative movement into the 2012 race.  
David Palmieri and friends
Delonte Harrod at CPAC Dinner

Daryl Mikell Brooks  walking with Ron Paul

Brooks and PA Ron Paul Supporter

Brooks at CPAC Dinner

Richard Dreyfuss at CPAC

Brooks, Friend and Palmieri
Brooks and Friend
Brooks and Friend
Daryl Mikell Brooks and a friend

Brooks and Friend

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