Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Egypt Sticks Up Two Fingers To Tony Blair And Peace

Egypt Sticks Up Two Fingers To Tony Blair And PeaceEGYPT: Tony Blair goes on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show. He wants us to know that we must avoid “hysteria” about the Muslim Brotherhood. And:
“Despite all those challenges, this is a moment when the whole of the Middle East could pivot and face towards change and modernisation and democracy and that would be a huge benefit for all of us.”
How will the Middle East responds? The jubilant protester in the photo above might give us an idea. Is it two finger for peace or two fingers to democracy?
But – hey, Tony – Egypt is still good for a tan top-up. Maybe it’s time to visit? Scott Lucas has seen the brochure:
Another day of chanting, worship, and celebration in the Protest City of Tahrir Square on Sunday, including a Christian prayer service, a wedding, and a concert. With the immediate threat of attack from the police or the pro-Mubarak “thugs” removed, the Square and its tents are taking on the appearance of long-term presence. Some, however, are wondering if that will lead to the changes desired by the protesters: one activists commented that Tahrir Square would soon be “the place that tourists visit before going to the Pyramids and Luxor”.
If the Army lets you…

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