Friday, February 18, 2011

Nissan ESFLOW (video)

Nissan ESFLOW, future electric vehicle
Nissan is utterly geared up to unveil the novel concept of Nissan ESFLOW at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. While it is eco-friendly, the vehicle’s manifestation is stunning and does not relinquish performance. It is an electric vehicle that is strikingly vivacious and the coupe employs the same technology as LEAF but much sportier to fascinate the fervent ones.

Nissan ESFLOW, electric car
The ESFLOW is an RWD with two electric motors at the rear wheel. The laminated lithium-ion battery gives the vital power required by the motor and ultimately it is the best as it can travel up to 240km per charge. It is asserted that the vehicle can accelerate from a standstill to 60 mph within 5 seconds.
Nissan ESFLOW, futuristic car
The concept car is said to have its color brainwave from glaciers. Plummeting weight was an important design constraint and it does not have profound metal frames or thick upholsteries in the interior. Fixed on the car’s rear partition the seating system is static yet comfortable and spacious.
Nissan ESFLOW, eco vehicle
The immobility is eventually not a concern as the steering and pedal adjusts mechanically to the apt spot according to the driver’s posture and size. The company is not planning production now but this does not de-motivate sports car lovers as they can expect an inspiring concept car from Nissan shortly.
Nissan ESFLOW, green car

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