Saturday, March 5, 2011

Libyan Forces Counter Attack near Tripoli

Pro-Gadhafi Forces Move to Retake Rebel-Held Towns

VoA News: Fierce battles are raging in Libya, where forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi are trying to retake key towns held by rebels.
Opposition forces were trying to hold on to the western town of Zawiyah Saturday. It is the closest rebel-held town to the capital, Tripoli.

Western news reports quote witnesses who say the opposition appears to have maintained control of the center of the town but pro-Gadhafi forces have surrounded its outskirts, where they have set up checkpoints. The reports say at least seven people were killed in clashes on Saturday.

Pro-Gadhafi forces moved on the eastern oil port of Ras Lanuf Friday, but the rebels claim they still control the town.

Mourners chanted anti-Gadhafi slogans on Saturday at a funeral for some of the victims of an explosion Friday in Benghazi. At least 17 people were reported killed, following a blast at an arms depot on the outskirts of the eastern city. Rebels said Mr. Gadhafi's forces bombed the facility.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has launched an appeal for nearly $2
6 million to assist more than 200,000 people affected by the the crisis in Libya.

Interpol has issued a global alert against Mr. Gadhafi and 15 other Libyan nationals, including some of his family members and close associates.

The alert was issued after the International Criminal Court announced it had opened a probe against Mr. Gadhafi and some of his associates in possible crimes against humanity.

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