Monday, April 18, 2011

California Can Look Within its Borders for its Budget Answers

By Rebekah Rast
A state boasting the world’s eighth-largest economy now suffers from a 12.2 percent unemployment rate. What has happened to the once-booming state of California?

California Gov. Jerry Brown wants the answer to that question so he sent Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom to the state of Texas where 165,000 jobs have been created over the past three years.

Bloomberg quoted Gov. Brown saying, “Let’s get more jobs, more businesses. Some of our state legislators are going to Texas to find out how they’re doing. Gavin Newsom’s going with them. I’m waiting for his report, when he gets back, and if he has any good ideas, I’m going to share them with you.”

In a three-year time span, California has lost 1.15 million jobs. Bloomberg states, “While signature industries such as technology, trade and tourism have rebounded, construction and government employment are weak or falling” in the state.

But California didn’t need to go to Texas to get its answer. It only needed to look to another leader within its borders.
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