Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chicago School Bans Homemade Lunches, Attacks Parental Rights

By Douglas V. Gibbs

In yet another liberal left move to demonize parents, and place "the state" over parents in the lives of children, a Chicago public school has decided to ban homemade lunches. School lunch served on campus is going to be mandatory at Chicago’s Little Village Academy public k-8 school, in a blatant move against parents, saying that the
schools know better on how to feed the children than the parents.

The reasoning, we are told, is that with the new lunch program the school is guaranteed to provide healthy meals without running the risk of children bringing sugary treats and salty chips from home. The parents, you see, can't be trusted. Only the authoritarian state, apparently, understands how to feed your children.

Parents have shown anger at the move, but the leftists aren't listening.

Blame it on Michelle Obama’s war on obesity, and your freedom to eat what you choose.

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Chicago School Bans Homemade Lunch, School Lunch For All - FYI Living

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