Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clark Atlanta Intern Allegedly Stole $10,000 From Steve Harvey

Comedian turned author Steve Harvey was allegedly robbed by a Clark Atlanta University intern!
Earlier this month, $10,000 was delivered to the funny man’s office by a bank employee. Moments later 22-year old Kyle Reynolds was seen going into Harvey’s office to “get a coke” although he was not authorized to be in there. *side eye* Surveillance shows he returned empty-handed…but im sure his pockets weren’t! When questioned by Harvey and his supervisor, the intern denied stealing the loot. Reynolds later sent a text to his supervisor stating,
“I am gonna get him the money just so I can end this.”
What?! Who offers to pay back money they didn’t steal just so they can “end things”??Does that make sense to anyone else? Didn’t think so…

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