Friday, April 29, 2011

President Obama Jokes About Birther Flap On “Oprah”

April 29th 2011
The exhausting news about the president not being a “True” American citizen have been a constant annoying issue for the president since he was elected into office four years ago. Now that he is up for re-election and up against potential republican candidate Donald Trump. He has brought special attention towards the matter again questioning his birth place. This week the White House Reps released the files of Barack Obama’s original birth certificate. Obama felt that the focus of the candidacy was gearing in a direction that took away the real focus of the the candidacy.

As we know we are in the final days of the Oprah Winfrey show, so it’s only right that Oprah invites the President back for a final time to discuss everything that he has gone through since he took office and for ho speak on his citizenship.The President went on to say he obtained what he called special dispensation from the governor of Hawaii to dig into the archives to come up with the original document. Obama explained the nation needs to have a serious conversation about the issues that really matter to people. He added those issues were being sidetracked by the ongoing controversy about his birthplace and birth certificate.

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