Friday, April 22, 2011

Syria: Assad Names New Governor of Homs, Clinton Condemns Violence Calls for Reform

April 21st, 2011 by Naureen

On Thursday, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad swore in Ghassad Abdul Aal as the new governor of Homs following clashes between demonstrators and security forces which resulted in the death of 17 protesters and scores of arrests. Najati Tayara, an activist in Homs, stated that the city was quite on Thursday but that security forces are stationed on the outskirts of impoverished neighborhoods with the expectation that protests will continue tomorrow.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the ongoing violence  and arbitrary arrest of protesters in Syria and called for a “political process that can respond to the legitimate needs, interests, and aspirations of the people” who are seeking “substantial and lasting reform.”  She also noted the U.S.’s particular concern about the situation in Homs given reports of violence and casualties among both civilians and government personnel.

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